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  1. Hey Srqt, good to see you around!

    1. King Srqt

      King Srqt

      It's good to be back :)

  2. Thanks Schatt that was enlightening. I've been out of the loop for far too long, time for me to change that.
  3. I would recommended getting a Barnes and Noble Nook color and rooting it. You will end up with a solid Android tablet for about half the price of any tablet you can buy.
  4. I have done all of those things multiple times, my nation means little to nothing to me and that's the way I have played it for the last 4 years and change.
  5. Heres the thing, I chose this method simply because I couldn't decide myself. I want to go to all of the places listed for different reasons, whether it be for old friends (VE, RIA) finishing something I never really got to try (I was in MK shortly but NPO forced them to expel me because of my former Vox ties) or trying something completely new with a group I feel is worth playing the game with (BAPS). I could have pulled names out of a hat or flipped a coin or whatever but this way seemed more fun and it also allowed me to hear some well thought out opinions with points I may not have otherwise considered. Oh, and don't worry my skin is about as thick as it gets.
  6. So there is no way in hell I am going to be able to maintain my interest in this game without an alliance but I am too damn indecisive to pick one myself so I am going to decide by committee. If you don't care then don't say anything because I sure as hell don't care about you not caring. So vote and I will go with whoever wins.
  7. "Sunset Day" is the official name. Culture is not a stat and therefore Bob has trouble keeping track of it
  8. Hard to believe that was 3 years ago. The Viridicide was something that really helped shape my political views on bob, it made me leave the Initiative for ONOS and GUARD and showed me the corruption the was deep in that power structure. One of the things that drew me to Viridia was the history of the Viridicide and how it shaped me as a ruler on bob and I could not be prouder of being a Viridian today.
  9. Anyone who doesn't like this is a terrorist. I will be trying these out for sure, Also I lost my clam chowder recipe and yours seems like a mighty fine replacement
  10. I am very glad you did not go down on that sinking ship.
  11. I considered doing exactly that before I rejoined VE, but I decided I was not quite ready to quit yet.
  12. I will sell infra to nuke them if I have to.
  13. Why do I have a CN status?

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