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  1. Thank you everybody for the well wishes and farewells. I'm just going to have some fun over the next couple of days doing the one thing I have never done in my entire CN career before officially deleting my nation and calling it quits.
  2. I didn't know you were still around Cress. I'll try to pop in or Irc here and there.
  3. I worked with you back when you were the leader of Ragnarok when it came to foreign affairs.
  4. I don't want to write a long, drawn-out speech, so here are cliff notes. -Started playing in 2006 as an awkward 13 year old 8th grader -After bouncing aroun learning the game, I ended up in GOLD and served in GW2, DI, GW4 aka Unjust War -GOLD folded and I joined TPF and had a blast. -I eventually helped with Vox Populi, founded my own alliance (SOAP) among other things -Eventually ended up in GPF and helped built that alliance up from the ground -I have witnessed many major events in CN History, watching the game start off with only a handful of people, seeing 100
  5. Glad to have MCXA join us though I do miss the war flag with the bloody X's on them.
  6. Oh well, here's to nuking your nations back to the Stone Age, o/ NSF
  7. Visit NSF before NSF visits you! Glory to NSF! o/
  8. I thought about that. Which is why I think our ruler names are simply titles passed down to each leader of our nation. Though the ancient ruler thing makes sense as well. 1 week in RL = 1 year in CN makes a lot of sense as well. As does the earlier post about adapting certain wars into books. (which I would like to read if there's a link)
  9. As we all know, the political landscape in CN over the course of a year changes drastically. If you look at in the eyes of a cyber person, all of this occurs over the span of decades or perhaps even centuries. So, what is the general consesus of how many years on Planet Bob are equivalent to one Earth year? I think 1 year in RL = about 40-50 years in CN. ^This raises another question. If that is indeed the case, how old are we then? Perhaps our usernames are just titles given to the leader of our nations and have been passed down for generations. (For those of us who have b
  10. NSF and DT met a while ago. Everybody said they were crazy, that they were two silly kids but they ignored the naysayers. They knew it was love at first sight. From then on, the two became inseperable and before they knew it, they were joined together in Holy Matrimony and declared their love to each other before Admin in the cyberverse. A short few months later, their child was born. After going through many names, they decided on calling it The Honda Accord. The Honda Accord was a small, tiny child but it quickly grew into a kid and then a teenager but now, The Honda Accord is a young adult
  12. The NSF has been a historic name throughout the cyberverse. Three times we have been sent to the dirt but three times, we have risen from the ashes and ghave been reborn. This incarnation was founded by crv24 on October 20, 2012 and is the 2nd most powerful alliance on the Brown Sphere. We have an up and coming membership and a eager government ready to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. We are a small tight-knit group of about 24 members and growing with a modest NS ready to explode at any moment. Don't know how to play the game? No Problem! Our Academy willset you on the ri
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