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  1. kulomascovia

    Zog is like a fruit

    To be fair, Crustaceans are pretty hot.
  2. kulomascovia

    Notice of Policing Action

    ~Making this thread relevant~
  3. kulomascovia


    Your justice isn't blind.
  4. :| why don't you ever call? :P

  5. kulomascovia

    More on Taxes

    Military; we don't need to waste money on useless wars. Medicare and Social Security: old people are old for a reason. They are no longer useful to society. I don't see why we should have to care for them.
  6. kulomascovia

    More on Taxes

    What if we cut military spending?
  7. kulomascovia

    Rating Alliances

    Mostly Harmless Alliance: 8 Haven't heard anything bad about them. Green Protection Agency 10 Neutrality is perhaps one of the most consistent and ethical ideologies out there. Fark: 8 They keep to themselves Independent Republic Of Orange Nations: 8 Nothing much to dislike Sparta: 9 I have had many pleasant interactions with their former members. World Task Force: 10 Neutrality is perhaps one of the most consistent and ethical ideologies out there. Orange Defense Network: 8 They seem harmless enough The Order Of The Paradox : 8 I love Paradox Interactive Umbrella: 8 I like Umbrellas New Pacific Order: 8 Long history Global Alliance And Treaty Organization: 9 I like cats. Viridian Entente: 9 Dedicated and loyal bunch. The Democratic Order: Neutrality is perhaps one of the most consistent and ethical ideologies out there. New Polar Order: 8 Nice people FOK: 7 Haven't heard anything bad about them. R&R: 8 Great pip Mushroom Kingdom: 8 I like Mario. Nordreich: 6 I don't like Germany or its history. LoSS: 8 They have a decent flag. Nusantara Elite Warriors: 9 I like Indonesians The Legion: 8 I like purple Valhalla: 8 I like purple Multicolored Cross-X Alliance: 9 Not really multicolored Nueva Vida: 8 fun guys The Foreign Division: 9 Very fun guys Federation Of Armed Nations: 7 I don't like guns very much. NATO: 8 They have an interesting history. Global Order of Darkness: 8 I like bacon. The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons: 9 I sold tech to a guy that may have been in GLOF. Legacy: 7 For a relatively new alliance they certainly don't have much legacy. The Templar Knights: 6 I hated the Templars. They were mean to Altaïr The Order Of Light: 7 What do hammers have to do with anything? Asgaard: 8 Great people iFOK: 7 Not so great people Commonwealth Of Sovereign Nations: 7 Not really a Commonwealth but whatever. Athens: 8 I like everything Greek. World Federation: 8 Baloney! Goon Order Of Oppression Negligence And Sadism: 7 Not really oppressive, nor negligent, nor sadistic. Fellowship Of Elite Allied Republics: 7 They have 'Of Elite' in their name. Global Democratic Alliance: 10 Almost best alliance ever. Argent: 1 I would give them a 0 but they have that beaver thing. Guru Order: 5 I am neutral on this subject. Christian Coalition Of Countries: 7 They don't really do a lot of Christian things... Ragnarok: 8 I like Nordic mythology The Phoenix Federation: 9 I like Phoenixes. Random Insanity Alliance: 1 What?
  8. kulomascovia

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    RE is #1 again
  9. kulomascovia

    Imperial AcTi Announcement

    [quote name='2burnt2eat' timestamp='1303254922' post='2693985'] Out of all the things I had to expect to be your fallback, that's it? I think I just busted a gut laughing, because you must be completely oblivious to what's been going on and what's been said on the forums and IRC, let alone the tidbits I just said. Everyone has their own reasons for going after Acti or hating them. Go ask around. Just for S&Gs, because it's a fun thought of you maintaining that defense throughout the entire process. [/quote] I'm not falling back on anything. That's what I've been saying since this whole situation started. I am not oblivious to what's been going on, I simply do not think that AcTi's past actions (or anyone's past actions ) constitute a reason to attack them.
  10. kulomascovia

    Imperial AcTi Announcement

    [quote name='2burnt2eat' timestamp='1303250891' post='2693955'] You deny accountability for Acti but demand accountability for the people you call "rogues"? The logic in that is astounding. Unfortunately for you, I don't hail actions as wrong simply because of the color of the coat somebody is wearing, just as I don't hail something wrong simply because they come from a certain alliance. [/quote] AcTi has nothing for which they need to be held accountable. They have done nothing to thriller to deserve an attack.
  11. kulomascovia

    Imperial AcTi Announcement

    [quote name='2burnt2eat' timestamp='1303245381' post='2693872'] Some of the people like to point out some form of hypocrisy of people supporting this. I ask where. Anyone that defends Acti simply doesn't have any idea of past actions or belligerency, or perhaps just even the "personal charm" of Batallion himself, who likes to take harassment even to other realms (including hacking). Being a target of that multiple times, there's no way in hell I'm going to extend my hand to a jackass, who after pulling himself back up the edge of a cliff, would then push me in. [/quote] The issue is not AcTi itself. The issue is an alliance attacking another alliance without a clear and defined purpose and receiving sanction from a well connected alliance. So it doesn't matter what AcTI has done in the past. What matters is that no one should be facilitating rogue attacks in the first place.
  12. kulomascovia

    Un-Imperial AcTi Announcement

    [quote name='Facade' timestamp='1303238038' post='2693760'] You could quite easily end the wars against your members. Just because there is a wait doesn't mean anything. Diplomacy is a wondrous thing when it works. Would you like for me to mediate for you? I'm not a fan of attacking alliances without reasons. I'd be great. [/quote] [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1303238841' post='2693776'] You are quite wrong, diplomatic channels are very open,and there is every chance this can be resolved very quickly should you wish to talk, we await your/Batallions visit. [/quote] Why didn't you guys talk to AcTi instead of attacking them?
  13. kulomascovia

    The Amazing Sanction Race

    [quote name='Raider' timestamp='1303194985' post='2693403'] I don't quite think you're counting right. We had an in flow of about 500 nations during the early stages of the war and a large amount from SA joining to fight for GOONS later. We're down about 200 since the war started. I have to check that that though. [/quote] I'm using SCY's stats: [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1296173870' post='2606332'] 1/23/2011 20,371 players 1/24/2011 20,438 players [color="#00ff00"](+67)[/color] 1/25/2011 20,477 players [color="#00ff00"](+35) (+102)[/color] overall 1/26/2011 20,504 players [color="#00ff00"](+27) (+ 129)[/color] overall 1/27/2011 20,559 players [color="#00ff00"](+55) (+184)[/color] overall [/quote]
  14. kulomascovia


    [quote name='KahlanRahl' timestamp='1303194839' post='2693399'] My point was, in response to your point, that who cares if it's justified? No one follows that old, at this point, archaic doctrine anymore clearly. [/quote] What archaic doctrine? That one needs an actual reason to go to war? That's not really a doctrine. It's common sense. And also, just because no one follows it doesn't mean that it is wrong.
  15. kulomascovia


    [quote name='KahlanRahl' timestamp='1303194178' post='2693381'] How long has it been since anyone's had to [i]legitimately do something[/i] to warrant and justify an attack? Hmm? [/quote] A very long time? I'm afraid I don't see your point. [quote name='KahlanRahl' timestamp='1303194178' post='2693381'] As for your suspicions, reread what Dave posted. It's just a raiding protection statement, nothing more. Not a formal treaty. Backlash? If any comes in the form of formal DoWs... who knows. For now I personally am enjoying watching these whiners squirm at an alliance half their size. [/quote] Still, the fact that TIO feels the need to assist an alliance that attacks others for no reason what so ever does indicate that they have an ulterior motive. And indeed, that is what Skippy seems to have indicated.