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  1. That's all I needed to See. Job well done OP/TPC. Keep it up.
  2. Some things work surprisingly well together Take the grilled peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich. Elvis made it famous and many folks are probably afraid to even try it. or.... Honeydew Melon wrapped in Prosciutto I don't like honeydew at all, but if you haven't tried this combo....you are not living life to the fullest. How about beer and peanut m&m's? If you haven't had it (and of course are of legal age to do so) you need to. Enough of the food talk though. TPC and OP have a long history, and most of it may NOT fall directly into the 'goes well together' category. However, we've always had fun despite our differences and always had a mutual respect which does go very well together. Well, tonight, we're mixing the beer, bacon, honeydew, nukes, tanks, and everything else and letting it rip. Sometimes you reap what you sow, and Avengers need some of our attention. OP and TPC DECLARE WAR on the Avengers.
  3. Your empathy makes this all so much better. What a joke. IF you had declared on the same targets on WED or Thurs night prior to us getting involved in war, this would be a non-issue. It's a classless, doucher move no matter what nice spin you try to put on it.
  4. Brilliant... It's the rest of TE's fault that they pulled a D-bag move. They had PLENTY of opportunity to hit any number of targets prior to this. They wanted to be amply large and comfortable prior to hitting anyone anyone (which is understandable, as others were doing it too) but the 'We're too big to hit anyone' excuse has been exhausted many times.
  5. So... You go into a war that you KNOW you will crush your opponents who are at war AND are signifcantly smaller than you, which will only make that gap larger when you can't be touched. The fact that you even try to justify this is simply insulting. Go sell your BS elsewhere.
  6. COMPLETE scumbag move. Be sure to pat yourselves on the back for doing such a good job and being so tough.
  7. We tried a war a few days ago, but it didn't work out due to our target going into war, so here we go again. Lots of idioms and phrases come to mind.... BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD. This one dates back to 1941 WWII, stemming from an editorial cartoon of all things, but referring to an engineer's need to re-design something when it goes wrong. BACK TO SQUARE ONE This one goes back to the 1950's anyway and most likely comes from either the children's game Snakes and Ladders or Hopscotch. [slightly creepier than the more Americanized 'chutes and ladders' I remember from my youth] or how about... START FROM SCRATCH NOT THIS Rather, this is generally attributed to the sports world, where a line would be scratched into the dirt to serve as a starting line and then the slower runner would be given a head start and the presumed favorite would 'start from scratch'. Anyway, getting back to task - we're going back to war. ORDO PARADOXIA HEREBY DECLARES WAR ON NDO
  8. I do have birthdays every year. ... Maybe I did re - gift myself a war in my old age.
  9. As to not interfere....OP will peace out the CItadel Wars. There were limited attacks as some folks held off when they saw the wars. Good luck to all. I guess I'll get myself something different.
  10. well it looks as though Citadel is hitting WD tonight. Peeing on my birthday parade.
  11. Generally speaking, I like holidays. There's a lot of reasons to like Halloween. Candy Fun Costumes Carving Pumpkins Oh I could go on and on..... The best part about Halloween for me is that it also happens to be my birthday. [insert overused 'wearing your mask all year' joke here.] We've done some fun things over the years, but this year, I'm declaring a War as a present to myself. ORDO PARADOXIA DECLARES WAR UPON CITADEL
  12. Be sure to send D1 a thank you card. Did you check with the D1 guys to be sure they'd be available to cover for you again?
  13. Duly punished strongly due to your bringing in the reinforcements? Historically reinforcements have only been utilized in the event of a curbstomp. (Remember the months of crying after the op/re/le battle many rounds ago?....Just sayin). As far as low goes....perhaps folks in glass houses should not throw rocks.
  14. I get your point very clearly. The vast majority of your top nations were out of anarchy and had collected (Not all, but most). We could not leave the other nations free....one collection they'd be right back in it fully restocked. The biggest fish to fry was clearly the top tier. Regardless of how it was done....your top tier (which was about 1/2 of your nations) was impressively STACKED. Your 'smaller' nations weren't exactly helpless either just for the record. I'm done with this issue. You are dead wrong and living in a dream world. Paul already more or less addressed this. Maybe you have never been at such a disadvantage, but sometimes even a quad is a long shot. The size advantage for our top few nations WAS that large. They brought much more to the table than the 20 nukes though. I'm confident it would have been a "good 'ol fight" as things were at the time of the declaration. Obviously you felt your guys couldn't handle it and did what you had to do. I honestly didn't anticipate you bringing in reserves, so well played I guess.
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