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  1. Peace be upon you!


    Thanks for accepting me Bro, Nice to meet u Bro :)

  2. Until you have 10000 posts I have no idea who you are.
  3. Who the heck are you and when did we declare war on you?
  4. I'm all cool with the Bruins pulling it out, but: This is the culmination? You didn't DO anything!
  5. Never !@#$%* about private channels ever again, please
  6. So, corporate taxes. How much does it cost to make a car? No, don't laugh. Seriously. If I am a corporation, I need to pay taxes on my income. That's revenues minus expenses. So I really need to know what my expenses are. What are they? I make a car, and tons of materials go into it. I have leather, of course, and aluminum. Barium, Asbestos, Copper, Cobalt. So how do I figure all that out? Just add them up? Nope, can't do that, because companies maintain inventories. I got 1000 tons of aluminum, but I bought 100 tons last month and 900 tons last year, when it was 10% cheaper. $%&@ if I know how much material cost is going into it. There's actually an entire branch of accounting that deals with JUST this, called inventory accounting. (Speaking of inventories, what happens when the cost of aluminum goes up and I am holding on to 1,000 tons? Do I raise my assets accordingly? Do I book a profit? Do I book a profit only when I sell it? What kind, so I know which tax rate to apply? HA! You thought accounting was easy) Oh, Bob just wasted a steel frame, that's 1,000 tons of aluminum down the tube. How do I account for that? Is that a legit business expense or something that just goes wrong? Do I apply that to overall factory overhead, or do I apply that directly to the cost of the car? Do I apply it to the cost of ALL cars in my factory for the YEAR, for the MONTH, or just the batch, or what? I don't !@#$@#$ know. Nails. Crap. We don't really keep track of nails, no factory does. Also, I am making Corvettes and Cadillacs on the same line. How do I divide the nail cost between the two? Do I say, I made twice as many corvettes so they get twice as much as the nail cost? Or, the Cadillacs weigh twice as much so they get twice the cost? Or do I use some sort of pre-established base? Labor hours? Maintenance time? How do I apportion electricity expenses? They go to the WHOLE GODDAM FACTORY, and I am supposed to figure out how much went into making each individual car? What about the cost of the actual building ITSELF? How do I assign that to each car? Labor, too. Not just direct labor, which is difficult enough to cost, ESPECIALLY when you get into the cost of benefits, but then you have to worry about the indirect labor: the accountants, the CEO, the janitors. Marketing costs? Sure, we didn't actually ADVERTISE the Corvette this year, but we advertised a whole bunch of other GM products and built up brand strength, which may have translated into sales for the Corvette. How do I account for that? The reason there are lots of tax loopholes is because accounting is very, very tricky. And only a moron would try to tax GE, with hundreds of millions of dollars to spare on an army of accountants. That's more than even super-rich Bill Gates can afford to keep on hand. So why bother trying to tax corporations, when you can just tax the people earning the money directly, and they don't have the same organizational ability to try to screw the government out of money? Especially if the result is companies just trying to move more jobs overseas?
  7. -cut military spending a LOT more than to the "high 3s" lmao-raise taxes on the rich and the corporations to even reagan levelsproblem solved you're welcome america How much money do you think we can get from raising taxes on the rich?
  8. The recent rebuke over Medicare has to do with Americans thinking much of the budget is made up of waste, welfare, and foreign aid. This is also why the majority think it would be a good idea if the US doesn't raise the debt ceiling: it will finally force those greedy politicians to finally cut all that wasteful spending on poor countries and spend the dollars on dramatically underfunded programs like Medicare. If that sounds like nonsense, it's because Americans believe in fairy tales right now. Also old people vote more than everyone else.
  9. No. Well, it would be part of it, but that group of people does not have enough money to cover the whole deficit. Example: The ten year cost of the Bush Tax Cuts on the upper 2% are estimated at $700 billion, IIRC (someone correct me if I am wrong). That means TEN YEARS of repealing the Bush tax cuts still can't cover the ONE YEAR deficit in 2021...and that budget figure in 2021 assumes that the Bush tax cuts are already being repealed. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/ezra-klein/2010/04/can_we_close_the_budget_defici.html This is a good-enough summary. We need to tax wealthy people more, but we can't stop there, or so it looks like to me. The US should add in a VAT and a carbon tax, IMO
  10. The CBO puts Defense Spending today at just over 4% of GDP, and the baseline scenario assumes we cut defense spending to the high 3's (3.8, 3.9).
  11. 2021 Estimated Budget, from CBO (figures in percentage of GDP): Revenues: 20.8% Mandatory Spending: 14% Discretionary Spending: 6.7% Net Interest: 3.3% Deficit: 3.2% ($763billion) That's the baseline from CBO. That assumes the Bush tax cuts are eliminated in their entirety, and we don't patch the AMT. That's tax revenue that Bill Clinton reached once at the height of the Internet Bubble. That assumes we basically cut all discretionary spending that isn't the military. And that's still an unsustainable deficit. We need 2.9% at maximum, and preferably something under 1%. The more likely deficit is closer to 6.6% of GDP ($1.573 trillion), and that's still with tax revenue higher than the long-run average. If you think we can get through this without raising taxes, and raising taxes on damn near everyone, you are probably wrong.
  12. What I am doing is removing a threat to the existence of what I value. If your moral code says it is wrong to celebrate human accomplishment, there is something wrong in your moral code, not mine.It's not a matter of morals, it's class. I find it classless to publicly celebrate when you kill someone. I don't care if you do it in your head, but it really is unbecoming-as-hell of someone if you're literally throwing parties. Everything boils down to right or wrong, so I don't know how you can say it's not about morals. You're saying it's wrong to celebrate Bin Laden's death. I see why you may think this, but I don't agree with your logic. By my account, human achievement should be celebrated, and destroying bad people is an achievement.
  13. What I am doing is removing a threat to the existence of what I value. If your moral code says it is wrong to celebrate human accomplishment, there is something wrong in your moral code, not mine.
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