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  1. Two wars were peaced out, another war was declared. Kingzog, try to include at least some real content in what you post, thanks.
  2. I have one open defensive slot. And lol @ fully retaliate, that means let me win some more ground attacks? I'm down.
  3. LOL. I have 300k more casualties than you, so go ahead and stop hugging your infra and get in a fight once in a while and maybe one day you can be as fantastic as me.
  4. I have declared war on your attacker. For great justice!
  5. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=292132 Get some!
  6. To the OP: For wasting my time reading this drivel, what's your NS? Are you in my range?
  7. That's right they are! SLCB
  8. What does it appear I want? Forgiveness? Respect? Just keepin' it real like I always do.
  9. I did not contradict Doitzel. He provided a log, and I clarified the context behind it. Where do I demand that I should be absolved?
  10. My defensive slots are the hot item this season, what makes you think you'd be lucky enough to get one?
  11. Keep avoiding the whole "use specifics" thing, it works wonders at masking ignorance. I regretted my actions against NPO for quite a while, but did not apologize to them until a month ago. I'm sure if I had done it at any other time, it also would be perceived as opportunistic by you due to your agenda.
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