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Blunity Accords

The Blunity Accords is an economic bloc residing on the Blue Sphere. Its goals are to maintain and promote Blue Sphere interactions in order to form a more perfect bond economically.

I. Admission

A. Entry to BLUNITY is open to any alliances with 75% of its nations residing on the Blue Sphere.

B. A 3/4 majority vote is required in the acceptance of new members.

C. Each applicant member will be informed of their answer in 72 hours or less.

II. Trade

The undersigned agree to maintain a cooperative trade sphere.

A. Signatories will collaborate towards the formation of trade circles on the BLUNITY forums.

B. No signatory will enact a trade embargo against another signatory.

C. Signatories will give at least 5 days notice to the other signatories should they intend to change spheres.

III. Commerce

The undersigned are encouraged to organize tech deals preferentially with other BLUNITY alliances.

A. Signatories agree to maintain and manage a tech deal section on the BLUNITY forums.

B. Signatories are encouraged to orchestrate aiding programs for whatever purpose with other alliances as a sign of friendship

IV. Amendments

The undersigned may amend the treaty if they so choose.

A. Amendments to BLUNITY require the unanimous approval of all BLUNITY signatories to pass.

V. Withdrawal

Signatories may withdraw from this treaty at any time without stating a reason.

A. Private notice of 72 hours is required during which time the undersigned remain bound by this treaty.

B. Public notice may not be given until after the 72 hours have elapsed.

C. No alliance may be forcibly expelled from BLUNITY unless they no longer meet the 75% member requirement for the Blue Team or if they violate the terms laid out by this document.

Signed for the Ascended Republic of Elite States:

Joe Stupid, President

Jtkode, Vice President

Barix, Director of Internal Affairs

CommanderCato, Director of Recruitment

Perandori, Director of Defense

Signed for Genesis:

Templar, Empirica, Flygirl, Trinity of Genesis

Jimi Hendrix, Minister of Foreign Affairs

PierreG, Minister of Internal Affairs

Yondaime Nara, Minister of Defense

MrSpackle, Minister of Communications

Mikey, Minster of Recruitment

Signed for the Global Democratic Alliance:

PopCap, President

SippyJuice, Minister of Internal Affairs

BacTalan, Minister of Economics

Kiado, Minister of Recruitment

Atarpenia, Minister of Defense

JazAce, Senator

MoonMan, Senator

Bob the Great, Senator

Signed for the Greenland Republic:

Al, Archon

Shamedmonkey, Vice-Archon

Ilselu1, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Virillus, Minister of Defence

Kosherness, Minister of Finance

Acid, Minister of Interior

Kestral, Menwearpink135, Cripple, Jenker, Gn0x, Senate

Signed for the Imperial Assault Alliance:

Chimaera, His Majesty, the Emperor

Grand Vizier Mathias, Grand Vizier

MercyFallout, Grand Admiral

Grand Moff Stagger_Lee, Grand Moff

Rebirth of Gorniar, Galactic Reserve Chairman

Signed for The Liquor Cabinet:

Electron Sponge, Mister Wonderful

HannaH, Tons-O-Fun

RandomInterrupt, "Bully!"

Chunky Monkey, Minister of Drunken Monkeys

Imperator, Minister of Making Sponge Save A Warchest For Once

Quinoa Rex, Minister of Tricking People Into Joining Us

King Penchuk, Minister of Clown Killing

Signed for the New Polar Order:

Almighty Grub, Emperor

Zbaldwin, Regent

Arctic Penguin, Imperial Liaison

Dajobo, Minister of Truth

JPhillips, Deputy Minister of Truth

Darth Actorbass, Minister of Peace

Ski11585, Minister of Plenty

Swiper, Deputy Minister of Plenty

BraveNewWorld. Minister of Love

John Rocker, Imperial Advisor

Mergerberger, Polar Representative

Signed for Nueva Vida:

Nelchael, Emperor

Space Ghost, Lord of the Interior

Hizzy, Lord of Brotherhood

Gebiv, Lord of War

Shillelagh, Lord of the Exchequer

Karthikking, Deputy Lord of the Exchequer

R.K. Triggerhappy, Priest

Signed for the Union of Integrated National Entities:

Keve69, Emperor

HRH King Raymond II, Triumvir

Skoshuke, Triumvir

TeamColtra, Triumvir

In addition we welcome any and all Blue team alliances to come and have a chat with us.

Edited by Joe Stupid
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