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  1. KIADO

    Apha Wolves Reach #3

    Your ass getting kicked by our friends
  2. KIADO

    Apha Wolves Reach #3

    congrats guys, nice !
  3. KIADO

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Betrayal Betrayal , can you please stop using that word . Thanks
  4. KIADO

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    TBH I am in PM because Gov didn't betray me . The reason why you so eager to destroy Sparta is beyond me and I certainly don't care ,play the game as you wish but certainly Umbrella isnt living up to their reputation by picking weak targets all the time and i am sure some members in your AA are not happy how things play out. You are not out here you hide behind Oc. get real .
  5. KIADO

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    May I remind you , that you started sending ingame messages that our gov is betraying us and when asked about details you remind silent and pointing your finger on others . Or you come up with a decent answer to those allegations or you may as well apologize?
  6. KIADO

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    Oh sorry not every AA is so perfect and shiny like yours and btw do you really enjoy this curb stomp ? was all those years of buying tech worth it just to hide behind Occulus and pick up weaker targets ? You act like a coward and call us out, I wonder when the day comes when you pick a decent fight , probably never .
  7. KIADO

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    You know when you say A you should say B too, otherwise you just cause distrust and that is probably what you wanted . Its fine its war but when you get called on your bluff don't dig yourself deeper.
  8. KIADO

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    That's all? I was hoping for some real dirty wash very disappointing I guess then we have not been betrayed after all , d@m*
  9. KIADO

    Imperial Decree- New Polar Order

    1.Since my Gov can't answer me can you please tell me how did they betray me ? If you won't back up your statement can you please stop sending me ingame messages . 2. How many more times is Occulus and friends going to stomp on us and still think they are cool , just wondering . 3. Stop playing this game please you take out all the fun .
  10. I had something else in mind can't we just be good friends
  11. I for once got promised to receive every day a peace off that wonderful heartwarming artfully joyfully created art. I truly insists not to be dissapointed and looking forward to cheer up my miserable days on this dark planet Bob. Just got nuked while writing my appreciation, priorities I guess
  12. KIADO

    Aliens get out!

    Lol they are not mutual exclusive I am in Sparta and killing them dude
  13. KIADO

    Aliens get out!

    I speak for myself but I guess some will agree with me. Recently our planet has been attacked and invaded by Aliens players who play a game in an other world and bringing their political grudges to this world it is impossible for many players to follow the politics and Planet Bob has become a sideshow and getting abused . To all off you who invested in your nations and AA many hours you are cutting the branch of the tree you are sitting on. I thought you were smarter but maybe you wanna win this game by killing it. Maybe you don't care which is ok too. But I can't understand why so many players who still play the game are just jumping off the cliff.
  14. burn Menotah to the ground