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  1. And he's one to be calling others stuff crap
  2. That's dumb. I'm not on here just for attention, I'm also here to bother the living daylights out of people like you!
  3. Um excuse me where is the lulz players?
  4. Bad show AUT, yet again you fail to understand how to properly be a paper tiger, like Penkala! Puff up your chest, and pretend to be tough, you should learn to be more like Penkala, AUT.
  5. The lounge will never die, not as long as I don't get carpel tunnel! In the name of all that is fun and colbert, I present to you, Tarikmo's wartime song! This is an entirely new song, please sing-a-long if you know this one! (Yet again, all in good fun) Based off this piece Of the Wars that have passed in around, No there has not been one like this abound! TOP was knocked out the door, And IRON's a bit lighter(NS) than before! There was Polaris fighting on both sides And TOP's angry because Grub lied! There was ODN and AUT, Don't forget MK and TOP! No there has not been a war like t
  6. The AUT is a significant player and a funny guy! April fools! He sucks! In honesty, that was original, but as soon as I saw the first sentence, I had to check who wrote it, then I realized the date. Well played AUT.
  7. You are right, I for one, denounce Canada and Britain. They shouldn't have something so horrid as health care that's more spread out to the population than a usual privatized system.
  8. Wickedj, I respect you deeply, but beer reviews are immoral and wrong. Just charge 10k tech per beer that could of been reviewed, and stop being so evil!
  9. I killed Beethoven and voted Hitler
  10. Your member title is a lie. :P

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