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  1. Congrats to all parties on attaining Peace. [quote name='Smooth' timestamp='1296932874' post='2620749'] White Peace? We're horrible people! Also, obligatory STOP ACCEPTING THE DOOMHOUSE TERM! [/quote] Yes you are horrible people.
  2. [quote name='AirMe' timestamp='1296923713' post='2620558'] We have Random, The Emperor of the New Polar Order, on tap for the next recording. [/quote] Two questions then: Why is everything Rnadmo's fault? What happened that put NpO and MK much more at eachother's throats? I have heard inkling's of more things happening than just what went down in the Bipolar war.
  3. I used them today to announce I had a low % chance of victory. I managed to succeed which had me and the FOK nation attacking me laughing. Fun times.
  4. [quote name='Chickenzilla' timestamp='1295317477' post='2579445'] Maybe we'll get to roll NPO through this [/quote] At least you weren't the cause of a CB this time CZ. Oh and Good luck to our opponents in this war.
  5. Congrats on the elections. Very quiet from the republic of late.
  6. The download seems to be unavailable. Any chance you can fix it?
  7. Can't really think of much reason I'm still around other than the routine and being there to fight should the need arise. Gone are the days when the politics seemed interesting as it doesn't seem to be going anywhere...
  8. Totally didn't think Maddhatter was ever coming back after what happened the last time so that came as a big surprise. Congrats on the elections and such.
  9. Hymenbreach, I find that to be strangely accurate Well the closing our eyes and swinging part at least..
  10. [quote name='aineshane' date='07 February 2010 - 10:06 AM' timestamp='1265537160' post='2166638'] At this rate, the GRL will have top dog spot. [/quote] And that is how it should be..
  11. [quote name='wickedj' date='07 February 2010 - 07:30 AM' timestamp='1265527832' post='2166485'] Yaknow what *I* want to see? How the hell is NpO going to get out of this war. Polar is fighting for MK(C&G) and against GOD(SF)...VietPolar? [/quote] That is a pretty good question there. I doubt it will be anything straightforward anymore after all that has happened I'd personally be dissapointed not to see ZI in this war.
  12. Man I'm just not sure what to think anymore. o/ Polaris
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