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Picked the wrong micro


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 The Hillbilly Coalition was recently tech raided "by mistake" but after reviewing the situation it appears The Imperial Entente  makes a habit in hitting smaller alliances and then asking for peace. It cant be called a tech raid because the nation they hit didn't have any tech but I guess that is not the moral of the story. We don't take kindly to being viewed as easy targets from another micro alliance and figured might as well give them a lesson in leadership. If you want to play war games at least be ready when you hit the wrong group.  THC is meant to be enjoyed and shared  so next time maybe knock on the door and visit a while in stead of coming up and kicking our smallest nation in the teeth .. on 4/20 of all days.  THC recognized a state of WAR with TIE lets see what you guys are made of.  Come on  you have to admit  we all love to see a little micro drama the only difference here is we don't like to run our mouth but we will defend ourselves.


The Hillbilly Coalition

President  Rattlehead

Vice President  Shavar

Military Guy  Thom98

nation with no title  The Reaper




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forgot the sigs.. what a noob lol
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1 hour ago, Masterchief777 said:

Both of you need to cut this !@#$ out immediately. 


I'll speak with you both privately. 


this isn't private so if you want to talk we will .. I will be on discord later tonight.  


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4 minutes ago, Blackatron said:

I notice that, WTF dude? You wouldn't have lost that much in over a month of war.


Looks like he's been buying tech before he could afford it and now he has no warchest to fight with.

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10 hours ago, General Kanabis said:




o/ THC


He's just mad because I blocked him for spamming my inbox with treaty offers he doesn't really want. 


Yeah it's not that great atm 


But the advantage of being down here again is that I can just about see the Mexican border from here....

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