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  1. Congrats to ISX and FTW. Congrats to peckerwood trailer trash boy for pulling a Junka and derailing yet another topic with his inane babbling.
  2. Reading your posts is an act that is physically painful. Could you hire someone to edit them for you prior to submitting them? Congrats to ISX, hopefully AM is serious about this NAP. It seems to be a decent concession for both parties and a possible path forward for coexisting side by side.
  3. Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you get it right.
  4. Doom Squad has declared on Animalz nations in support our brothers in Monster's Inc. I will refrain from use nuclear weapons for two reasons. Firstly, I haven't any to use. Secondly, it seems quite unnecessary at this point as the three Animalz nations are almost as broke as I am. Let's have a good clean fight and trade witty insults using semi-coherent discourse. In the interest of fairness, I've dispatched the following message to two of the three nations I'm currently engaged with.
  5. So long as they wipe out SLAP next and remove that stain of failures from the board, I'm fine with this.
  6. Doom Squad recognizes a state of bemusement with Los Pollos Hermanos and will reply in a fashion and time that best suits me.
  7. You are a godly man of the high church, what is said in the confessional of Auctor is for his ears alone. Should he choose to share those confessions, he does so with the guiding hand of god almighty steering him as a Cardinal in the High Church. Auctor, god praise him, may have shared those confessions as part of his god given and holiest of duties of the church and to god himself, but we don't have that luxury. Bless you my son, I will say many prayers for your soldiers as they burn away the evil from the souls of the Templar Knights.
  8. It's not a war, its an inquisition to exorcise the sin and evil from the Templar Knights. Hard times call for hard measures and the Templar Knights need those hard measures to embrace the love of the High Church of Oculus. You serve a greater good now, do not waste your efforts being lured off point by the siren song of an evil whore temptress of The Templar Knights. Also, don't let trailer trash confuse you either.
  9. (First Verse) In the Eyes of Doom, the unsuspecting stranger Had better know the truth of wrong from right. 'Cause the rule of law and order starts at the Doom border, With the Lone Star of Doom shining bright. (Chorus) For the Eyes of Doom are upon you; Any wrong you do, he's gonna see. When you're in Doom, look behind you, For that's where the Doom's gonna be. (Second Verse) In the Heart of Doom, he'll never know the danger From desperate men with nothing left to lose. Doom keeps on coming; so there ain't no sense in running, 'Cause he's bound and sure to make you pay your dues. (Chorus) For the Eyes of Doom are upon you; Any wrong you do, he's gonna see. When you're in Doom, look behind you, For that's where the Doom's gonna be. (Third Verse) When Doom's on your trail, he won't know how to failAnd you can't buy him off at any price.So if you decide to ramble, and with your life you'd gamble,Know where you are before you roll the dice. (Chorus) For the Eyes of Doom are upon you; Any wrong you do, he's gonna see. When you're in Doom, look behind you, For that's where the Doom's gonna be.
  10. They are lining up for your mom's milkshakes.. I swear, nothing more, just the milkshakes.
  11. By God Kindle, you've done it now.. Your inferior quality ebook readers, badly written self-published novels, and badly priced Amazon Prime offerings have NOW come home to sow the seeds of revenge. A poem for you.. Roses are red Violets are blue My dick is hard So are you? No.. not that poem, that's the one I whispered to Lord Hitchcock last night.. Let me think.. Love is a light That fills my heart and then I farted and blew up my heart That's not much of a poem or even a poem if you go by certain rules. Let me try again. A hero is born on a pillar of fire guess what boy? You ain't him..
  12. I did look for nations in my range, but dammmmmmn... could not find anything.
  13. I don't think I did, I think I merely rearranged the context to suit my own warped fancies. Mostly, I hear Caustic has a pretty mouth and I have hairy balls, it seems like a good match.
  14. I for one support Caustic getting teabagged.
  15. Uh Oh Slap, Daddy is here and he's pissed....
  16. Doom Squad is ready and willing to serve as a place of peace and respite for those members of the TTK who wish to seek refugee during these trying times. While it is still early in the conflict, those who have embraced the High Church's compassion and have exorcised the demons of their alliance ought to seek out a high churchman and ask him or her what they should do in order to seek the safety of Doom Squad.
  17. This name seems familiar, isn't he one of those failures from the old honorless Doom? I see he's still up to his craven tricks, no doubt he and his cronies played a hand in plotting against the High Church of Oculus. There is another foul nest of these vipers lurking in SLAP, one only hopes they get burnt out all they way down to the roots as well.
  18. I take it back, plotting on oculus... mmm.. bad, mkay? You are hereby demoted to whatever is worst than cuck, sorry blekotran.
  19. It's ok, I just spent 20,000 more on cruise missiles, thus negating your obvious cuck move. Sorry boy, you are stuck with your role, no amount of screwing up even more is going to help you attain a more exalted status of &#$@ holder. Franz, have you ever used Virtualbox and tinkered around with those old OSes? Good times.
  20. Incorrect and yet your usual incoherence is somewhat diminished. You might yet live down your 'simple jak' affectation. However, woefully incorrect in the important matter of Doom being gone. Doom is well and alive and will flourish into a vibrant and useful entity. It will shed its ugly former skin and be reborn anew. Carry on Simplejak, carry on, next week we'll start with counting past 5.
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