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As many of you know, Red Ass Commander Walsh the Beloved has left this world, likely to never return. He was proud to run the Screaming Red Asses, an alliance dedicated to independence in thought and action, unshackled the treaty web. As his P-47 Thunderbolt wings its way into the sunset, the thought occurred to us all that The Screaming Red Asses identity was flying off with him... without the Red Ass Commander, there can be no Red Asses.




It is with deep regret that we announce the End of Existence of the Screaming Red Asses.


Daunted but defiant, the Red Asses decided to take action, which lead to the following exchange and epiphany early one morning on IRC:



KEVIN: Where the hell have you been, soldier?

XANTH: Traaaaaaaining, sir!

KEVIN: What kind of training, son?

XANTH: Aaaaaaarmy training, sir!

KEVIN: Where's your Red Ass Commander, men?

XANTH: Blown up, sir!

LURUNIN: Uhh, yes, sir, these are Walsh the Beloved's men. He deleted during basic training.

KEVIN: So am I to understand you men completed your training on your own?

XANTH: That's the fact, Jack!

KEVIN: Captain, these are exactly the kind of go-getters I want on Planet Bob.


It is with pride and a sense of bittersweetness that we announce Planet Bob's newest alliance:






Same ol' asses, brand new theme! Government is:


The Big Toe: Xanth

The Murray: Smurthwaite

The Raimis: RedArmy and Jraison

Hot MP Chicks: Nymph and justrentjohnson




WIKI: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Stripes


A few notes of clarification:


1. The Screaming Red Asses ended without ever acknowledging peace in the "Dre4m War". SRA was born at war, and ended at war.


2. Stripes considers itself at war with Limitless Nexus, Monsters, Inc., and Confederatio Aesir until such time as a peace agreement is brokered.


3. All treaty obligations under the terms of the Lawyers, Guns and Money Doctrine will carry over to Stripes until further notice.



That's the facts, Jack!

Edited by Xanth
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So long to one of the classiest guys on Bob. I guess we'll settle for the !@#$ show that Xanth and Smurth try to run. :P


I still uphold the treaty AT you you know :P


You are all kinds of apart of this shit show now

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So long to one of the classiest guys on Bob. I guess we'll settle for the !@#$ show that Xanth and Smurth try to run. :P

Oh this is pretty true.  I won't even pretend I'll take my ques from Walsh.  Remember, when I was in CSN before NPL formed, I was labeled the Minister of $%&@ because I spent so much time telling the government to "Go $%&@ themselves."  It's still pretty much the same; now I just get to tell other governments to "Go $%&@ themselves."  And Xanth.  I promise to tell Xanth to "Go $%&@ Himself" at least once a day.

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