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  1. Thank you Roal, Junka, and Kanabis! Well let's see...counting this one three or four Riley.
  2. The Order of Tenebris is proud to announce a non aggression pact with aNiMaLz. Both alliances agree not to bash each others heads in and to go into the future as friends :D Signatures: The Order of Tenebris: Dark Lords Tyronia and Severus approve this message. aNiMaLz: Sir Kindle RUKUNU Lord of the Puns Graveyboat
  3. Thank you much my friend. Luckily for me, I've done this before ;)
  4. On this day, I am proud to announce the existence of The Order of Tenebris to Planet Bob. We are a small but growing Brotherhood, dedicated to the prosperity and wellbeing of our members. OoT ranks: Dark Lords: The Dark Lords are the supreme leaders of The Order. They make all decisions concerning The Order, after consulting the other members. Knights: The Knights of Tenebris are the most senior members of The Order. A Knight who proves himself may rise to become a Dark Lord. Dark Apprentices: The newest members of The Order. After a time period, and proving their loyalty to The Order, Apprentices may become Knights. OoT Gov: The Dark Lord Tyronia The Dark Lord Severus ::The Order of Tenebris is protected by the Dark Templar, with whom we avidly tech deal with. Non aggression pact with aNiMaLz:: Forgive the lack of flag. We are working on that. We look forward to doing business with you all. Long live The Order! Long Live The Dark Templar! Long Live CN!
  5. Congratulations to my friends in COBRA, aNiMaLz, and Stonewall. May The Father of Understanding guide you :D
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