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The Meeting at Delphi


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The Oracle of Delphi pronounced a great meeting between Atlas and the New Pacific Order. At this meeting, a series of feasts were decided upon celebrating their friendship. Both alliances are proud to add the following feast days to both of their calendars:


Atlas and the New Pacific Order agree to communicate and respect one another's sovereignty. Official channels are to be used and every possible attempt will be made to discuss and resolve issues privately. Both parties also agree to remain cordial at all times and refrain from harming one another. Both parties also agree to never allow there to be a shortage of wine at any gathering.


Should either party find information that may be useful to the other party, or information that can cause harm to the other party, than it shall be each alliance's duty to report and relay that information to the other alliance with speed that would put Hermes to shame.


Just like Athena, Atlas and the New Pacific Order are skilled in the art of war and strategy. Both alliances agree to come to the military and economic defense of one should it be necessary. Each alliance shall hold a shield, spear, and be ready to assist one another. Should conflicting chains get in the way of this treaty, military assistance is rendered optional.


In the chaos of war, either alliance may request the other to join it in aggressive actions. Each alliance shall consider the option of this, but it shall not be required that they join in.


In the off chance that this relationship is found to be no longer salvageable, than either party may terminate this treaty within 72 hours notice in private. After that 72 period has elapsed, this treaty shall be property of Hades, Lord of the Underworld.

Signed for Atlas


President of Atlas: Alexio15
Vice President of Atlas: Dorian Martell
Chancellor of Foreign Affairs: SlimCad
Chancellor of Defense: Johnap88
Chancellor of Internal Affairs and Atlas' Representative of Francoism: Sir Kiloist
Pastry Maker: Cupcake

Signed for the New Pacific Order


Emperor of the New Pacific Order.
Dungeon Master of Order

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs

Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
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