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SHIELD Directive 001 - Existance

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Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division

Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate

Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division


Whichever you prefer . . . We are SHIELD!!



After 33 days and 18 members we at SHIELD feel it is time to announce our existance!


I'll make it simple:


SHIELD forums: http://shield-in-cn.forummotion.com/




Executive Director of SHIELD: eXcessium

Assistant Director of SHIELD: Rusty Shackleford

Director of the Interior: TimKho

Director of Hazard Enforcement: Twerkman

Director of international Intervention: Amaya

Director of Finances: (Vacant)






Also, We are protected under the "Sandy Templar Protection Agreement" by The Sandstorm Confederacy and the Dark Templar!!



The Sandy Templar Protection Agreement



I. Sovereignty and Conduct

A. The Sandstorm Confederation and The Dark Templars (herein known as “The Protectors” recognize themselves protectors of the Alliance of SHIELD in the event SHIELD should find itself under any duress, be it Political or Militarily.

B. SHIELD agrees to use civility when conducting foreign relations and wars, and will seek advice from either protector if needed.

II. Defense and Intelligence

A.  The Protectors agree to provide SHIELD military or financial assistance in the event someone tries to annihilate them from the face of planet bob.

B. SHIELD have the option of providing either of The Protectors military or financial assistance in the event someone declares war on one of the Protectors, however are not obligated to.

C. If SHIELD or either of The Protectors hear any juicy gossip about the other, they agree to inform the other.

III. Exterior Policy

A. SHIELD agrees not to sign any treaties other than Option Defense Pacts, or Peace, Intelligence, and Aid, Treaties while this protectorate is valid.

B. SHIELD also agrees to provide The Protectors 24 hours notice prior to signing a treaty.

C. SHIELD and The Protectors shall grant to each other the status of Favored Free Trade Partner. Nations of SHIELD, The Sandstorm Confederacy and The Dark Templar shall be encouraged to deal with one another during the arrangement of technology trades. To conduct such trades, The Protectors shall open their large economic marketplace to SHIELD members.

IV. Withdrawal & Renewal

A. The Sandstorm Confederation, The Dark Templar and SHIELD all agree to provide the others 72 hours notice prior to leaving this protectorate, during which time, the treaty will still be active.

B. If this document is to be amended; all govt signatories will be required.

Signed for SHIELD:

eXcessium - Executive Director of SHIELD

Rusty Shackleford - Assistant Director of SHIELD

TimKho - Director of the Interior

Twerkman - Director of Hazard Enforcement

Amaya - Director of International Intervention

Signed for The Sandstorm Confederacy:

Alex0827a - Elder of Travel

Rattlehead - Elder of War

Satan1612 - Elder of Organization

Shavar - Elder of the Treasury

ConRed - Tribal Elder of Avengers, Assemble!

Signed for The Dark Templar:

Signed for The Dark Templar:





HToF- Terrence Krillins

HToIA- Mumzilla

HToFA- shirunei

HToD- Startcraftmazter


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We do have plenty of tech available xD

Your sellers will be met between Sandstorm and us, of that I am sure :P


Congrats guys, great to see this announced.  Look forward to this partnership with Sandstorm.

Edited by Bob
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