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  1. Commander Bean

    7 Years of Umbrella

    War is real!! Congrats on 7 years.
  2. Commander Bean

    For Real DoW, I Checked

    Have fun GLoF.
  3. Commander Bean

    Grämlin Announcement

    This is good to see!!!
  4. Commander Bean

    Doom Squad Announcement

    DS I am the only CB you need.
  5. Commander Bean


  6. Commander Bean

    Buying 1 $30 Donation Deal

    PM Sent.
  7. Commander Bean

    Selling Two $30 donations

    Each $30 donation is $30 mil (5 aid slots of $6 mil).  You can buy both donations or just one.  Buyer must have middlemen to send aid. PM me in game and I will tell you where to send the aid.  Aid will be going to two nations.  My nation link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=224996
  8. Commander Bean

    Haxan: Doomreich Through The Ages

    Congrats DS.
  9. Commander Bean

    Are donations considered Aiding?

    This is in regards to the new announcement that different rules can play on the same network. If nation A donates to nation B and they are on the same network, is that a problem.
  10. Commander Bean

    Admin allows multis?

    Great question from a fellow Commander.
  11. Sorry to hijack this thread for my question.  Nation A makes a donation for Nation B (both on the same network).  Nation B sends payments not to Nation A, but to other nations designated by Nation A. Is that allowed?  What happens if Nation A is really kind and altruistic and makes a donation to nation B for free?  In neither case are the nations trading or warring with one another.  Is donating to another nation a form of aiding?