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  1. Did the nations that had Tech removed get a message stating such or is it just a "guess your losses" sort of thing?
  2. Now if it could be updated in the forums, I'd love to fly it again :D
  3. If VE gets pulled in, I see SRD climbing...
  4. From my experience, I think this is accurate.
  5. Gopher, are you running behind intentionally? Just curious.
  6. Depends. Some newer cars can go 5000 miles. Older vehicles tend to get serviced around every 3000 miles.
  7. I heard NPO needs one. There's a thread, even.
  8. I knew something was behind it. Just got lost in the hustle/bustle of job hunting/moving preparations.
  9. Don't forget NpO jumping 52 nations and 8 points in score...
  10. Gopher, to answer your question, it was segregated.
  11. I'm looking forward to this update.
  12. A mushroom pizza? That'll only cost you $12.37
  13. First nation was in GDA starting in 2006. Moved to VE in 2008. Re-rolled since then and stuck with VE.
  14. In your case, go for da money. Option 2.
  15. [quote name='Rayvon' timestamp='1354992255' post='3061834'] Ahhh .. Wouldn't be a propaganda thread without whiney !@#$%*es. [/quote] Methinks the sarcasm was lost on this one.
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