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  1. excessium

    Apocalypse Inbound

    Haha thought thats what it'd be, thus i am already involved xD
  2. excessium

    Apocalypse Inbound

    Really curious, Whats "kill children" and how do i get involved??
  3. excessium

    Apocalypse Inbound

      Awhhhh but but but :/  
  4. excessium

    TSC front peace

    It really has been such an epic few weeks of absolutely ferocious warring, moreso than any other war i've been involved in!
  5. excessium

    TSC front peace

    Shoutout to Paul711 from Sengoku for pullin me down a peg, I was gettin cocky till he beat me xD   Huge thanks to Sengoku, DoD, Umbrella and NPO for providing a fun (although difficult) war and for being such great people to interact with!   *The best friendships are forged in conflict*   Cheers guys xD
  6. All is well between SHIELD and RS, however others clearly have taken offence to the way in which your alliance conducted themselves during the discussions, or lack thereof, and well, conducted themselves generally is my understanding
  7. excessium

    SHIELD needs some muscle

    ^That is the question
  8. While we are having success in recruiting Smaller nations, SHIELD needs tome muscle to help develop our smaller nations through tech deals and our stats, Yummy Stats!!! There's alot of Tech. Alot of Tech xD   Apply today: http://shield-in-cn.forummotion.com/   (We also have an elected government, so there's oppertunities there . . . Oh yeah, The finance department is currently open if someones interested!!!)
  9. excessium

    Alliance Directory

    Alliance Name: SHIELD Alliance Acronym: SHIELD Alliance IRC: #SHIELD Alliance Wiki: Soon Alliance Forum: http://shield-in-cn.forummotion.com/ Team Color: Black
  10. excessium

    SHIELD Directive 001 - Existance

    yeah i wouldn't argue with that logic, Still have 30% of our slots available xD
  11. excessium

    SHIELD Directive 001 - Existance

    We do have plenty of tech available xD
  12. [URL=http://s715.photobucket.com/user/firemite340/media/s_h_i_e_l_d__logo_wallpaper_v2_by_shangraf_srh-d54r6iw_zpscb2cb368.jpg.html][/URL]   Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division   Whichever you prefer . . . We are SHIELD!!     After 33 days and 18 members we at SHIELD feel it is time to announce our existance!   I'll make it simple:   SHIELD forums: http://shield-in-cn.forummotion.com/ SHIELD in IRC: #SHIELD   SHIELD Govt: Executive Director of SHIELD: eXcessium Assistant Director of SHIELD: Rusty Shackleford Director of the Interior: TimKho Director of Hazard Enforcement: Twerkman Director of international Intervention: Amaya Director of Finances: (Vacant)           Also, We are protected under the "Sandy Templar Protection Agreement" by The Sandstorm Confederacy and the Dark Templar!!     The Sandy Templar Protection Agreement     I. Sovereignty and Conduct A. The Sandstorm Confederation and The Dark Templars (herein known as “The Protectors” recognize themselves protectors of the Alliance of SHIELD in the event SHIELD should find itself under any duress, be it Political or Militarily. B. SHIELD agrees to use civility when conducting foreign relations and wars, and will seek advice from either protector if needed. II. Defense and Intelligence A.  The Protectors agree to provide SHIELD military or financial assistance in the event someone tries to annihilate them from the face of planet bob. B. SHIELD have the option of providing either of The Protectors military or financial assistance in the event someone declares war on one of the Protectors, however are not obligated to. C. If SHIELD or either of The Protectors hear any juicy gossip about the other, they agree to inform the other. III. Exterior Policy A. SHIELD agrees not to sign any treaties other than Option Defense Pacts, or Peace, Intelligence, and Aid, Treaties while this protectorate is valid. B. SHIELD also agrees to provide The Protectors 24 hours notice prior to signing a treaty. C. SHIELD and The Protectors shall grant to each other the status of Favored Free Trade Partner. Nations of SHIELD, The Sandstorm Confederacy and The Dark Templar shall be encouraged to deal with one another during the arrangement of technology trades. To conduct such trades, The Protectors shall open their large economic marketplace to SHIELD members. IV. Withdrawal & Renewal A. The Sandstorm Confederation, The Dark Templar and SHIELD all agree to provide the others 72 hours notice prior to leaving this protectorate, during which time, the treaty will still be active. B. If this document is to be amended; all govt signatories will be required. Signed for SHIELD: eXcessium - Executive Director of SHIELD Rusty Shackleford - Assistant Director of SHIELD TimKho - Director of the Interior Twerkman - Director of Hazard Enforcement Amaya - Director of International Intervention Signed for The Sandstorm Confederacy: Alex0827a - Elder of Travel Rattlehead - Elder of War Satan1612 - Elder of Organization Shavar - Elder of the Treasury ConRed - Tribal Elder of Avengers, Assemble! Signed for The Dark Templar: Signed for The Dark Templar: Triumvir: BoB TiTaN Supa_Troop3r HToF- Terrence Krillins HToIA- Mumzilla HToFA- shirunei HToD- Startcraftmazter  
  13. excessium

    15 Tech sellers available

    Hey all, I have 15 tech sellers available. All deals are 6/100.   Either comment your details here   Or PM me ingame at: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=451912   Or register at SHIELDs forums as a foreign tech buyer here: http://shield-in-cn.forummotion.com/t71-foreign-tech-buyers-registration#215   Have fun xD
  14. excessium

    SNAFU & NAC, A Fine Upgrade

    [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1336033895' post='2962749'] 3 in one night for our besties in SNAFU, NAC are good peoples, congrats all round [/quote] We may sit quietly for some time, but when we come to life we do it with a bang!!! XD
  15. So for those who remember, SNAFU has an ODP with NAC This is now a MDoAP. That is all -Treaty junkies can find the whole thing here: [url=https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BX906ikv-gkAR5J-UCfUIGrzzdA1tiHhi7_JXNJ9rh0/edit?pli=1]SNAFU - NAC are FULLY united[/url]