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Guinness Alliance Announcement

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Team Color: Orange

IRC Channel: #Guinness

Forums: http://Guinness.invisionzone.com


On behalf of the Government and membership of Guinness, we would like to thank everyone who has stood by us, as we worked to get to this day.  We look forward to our journey forward as we strive to become the alliance we wish to become. In peace and prosperity, we announce our DOE to Planet Bob!


And now our Constitution....



We, the members of Guinness, come together to create this constitution for the establishing of this alliance. Guinness is dedicated to the upholding of our core values which are: Prosperity, Welfare of our Members, Sovereignty, and Unity.

The Constitution of Guinness is the document by which Guinness governs itself. It contains the government structure, and the powers and responsibilities of each government position. The Constitution also defines our admission policies, alliance policies, laws of conduct, amendment procedures, and other important alliance policies.

Article I: Joining Guinness
Guinness has an open membership policy for anyone who wishes to join our alliance. However, all applicants must adhere to our admission policies:

- Applicants must not be engaged in any wars at the time of their application.
- Applicants cannot be on any ZI, rogue, or sanction list.
- Applicants cannot be a member of another alliance while in Guinness.
- Applicants must switch to the Orange sphere and remain on it as long as they are a member.
- Applicants must have 1 nation at all times while in CN.

Once an applicant has posted their application, then the application must wait for the approval of the Chancellor of Interior. While New Applicants wait for approval of their membership application, they may be asked questions by Guinness members and/or the Guinness Government.

Leaving Guinness:
Any member that wishes to leave Guinness, may do so at any time by posting in the resignations forum, provided the alliance is not in war or under terms resulting from a war, and does not have any unpaid alliance debts. Failure to satisfy these conditions will result in military action against the member, including ZI, if warranted.

Article II: Laws of Guinness:
1. Every member shall have the right to alliance protection.
2. Every member shall have the utmost respect for each other, their government, foreign officials, and all visitors and guests.
3. No member of the alliance may speak on behalf of the government without formal authorization at any time.
4. Every member must exhibit proper behavior in public that does not bring harm or detriment to the alliance.
5. Members may freely voice their thoughts and ideas on all alliance affairs at their will.
6. All active alliance members are entitled to all economic programs offered within the alliance.
7. Guinness members must be reasonably active on the alliance forums, and in the Guinness IRC Channel.
8. All members must follow the Constitution, and all other policies set forth by the alliance government.
9. All Guinness members are entitled to as much caek,beer, and Irish womenz as they want!

Article III: The General Assembly
Every member who has been granted membership within the alliance by the Council of Interior, has a right to voice their opinions on all alliance affairs brought before them.

All legislation, amendments, etc must be approved by a 85% majority of the General Assembly.

Article IV- Guinness Government
The Government of Guinness consists of three main bodies (Executive Branch, Council of Interior, and Council of Foreign Relations) which assist in the efficiency of the daily operations of the alliance.

Executive Branch:
Provost: Is the Chief Executive of the alliance. The Provost oversees all day-to-day operations of the alliance.

Praetor- Is the 2nd in Command of the Alliance. The Praetor’s main duty is to oversee the Council of Foreign Relations and its daily functions. The Praetor’s secondary duty is to assist the Provost with alliance operations, when requested. The Praetor is the Provost’s closest advisor.

The Council of Interior:
The Chancellor of Interior-  Is charged with overseeing all forum administration, applicants, membership levels, administering votes of other Council elections, academy, and internal communications with alliance members. The Chancellor of Interior is the leader of the Council of Interior.

The Chancellor of Recruitment: Is in charge of overseeing the active recruitment of new members for the alliance, as well as the education of new members within the academy.

The Chancellor of Finance - The Chancellor of Finance  is in charge of all the financial matters for Guinness, and is accountable for ensuring all member nations grow efficiently and have access to nation building programs, internal aid programs, growth assistance initiatives, novice grants, trading, banking and other miscellaneous fiscal concerns.

The Council of Foreign Relations:
Chancellor of  State:  Is charged with being a public face of the alliance, maintaining communication with allies and others, briefing the membership on happenings outside of the alliance, seeks out new treaties, and maintains relations with other alliances. The Chancellor of State is the leader of the Council of Foreign Affairs.

Chancellor of Defense: Is charged with the organization of our military as well as the strengthening and training of our member nations.

All Chancellors may appoint members to hold the position of deputy within their respective departments. Deputies hold no true power, except to help their departments run more efficiently. All deputies must report to their Department Chancellor on a regular basis.

Article V: Alliance Policies
War Policy:
At such time that a Guinness member, the alliance, or an ally, is attacked, all alliance members must come to their defense. Failure to come to the defense of Guinness, an alliance member, or an ally in time of war, is punishable by expulsion and Zi!

Tech Raiding Policy:
Tech Raiding is strictly forbidden in Guinness. Violators will be expelled from the alliance.

Article VI: Appointments to Government
Guinness does not engage in any electoral process. All members are treated fairly within the alliance within the appointment process. Any member who is active and in good standing will be given the opportunity to advance within the ranks. Once a member has informed a Department Chancellor of their interest in government, then he/she will be placed in a suitable area for them to manage any affairs assigned by that Department Chancellor.

Demotion of Appointments:
Any member who is part of the Guinness Government may be demoted from their post at any time, for any reason, if the Provost feels that government official is not doing their job as required.

Article VII: Constitutional Amendments, Policies, Mergers
Policies are official positions set by the Provost, Vice-Provost, and the Chancellors within their departments. Policies can be changed at anytime with no need for vote or discussion. Policies are not laws, however they SHOULD be followed by the general membership of the alliance.

Constitutional Amendments
Any member of the alliance may propose an amendment to the charter, at anytime. In order for the proposal to become law, the vote must be passed by a majority vote of the General Assembly.

Mergers and Disbandment:
Guinness may merge or disband only with unanimous approval of the General Assembly.


Signed by,


Vosegus, Provost

Alexis Savante, Chancellor of Interior

TheJoshKnight, Dep Chancellor of Interior

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NSF-Guinness Protectorate
Article I:
The North Star Federation (NSF) recognizes Guinness as an alliance with great potential and vows to respect it's sovereignty. Both alliances recognize the need to keep open communication to maintain a strong and stable relationship, and agree to handle all issues through private channels and conduct bilateral affairs with utmost friendliness.
Article II:
NSF and Guinness recognize that economic support is mutually beneficial for both parties. Therefore, priority will be given to each other over non-allied entities. If either signatory engages in political or military conflicts, it is the duty of the other signatory to offer diplomatic support.
Article III:
NSF gives its word to defend Guinness through any and all means available, whether militarily, politically, or economically in times of distress. Guinness is encouraged, but not required to come to the defense of The North Star Federation at any time while this pact is active. Both signatories have the option but not obligation to assist the other in offensive campaigns.
Article IV:
Guinness agrees to promptly notify NSF of any pressing matters. Guinness accepts NSF's guidance and support, and agrees to have all treaties cleared by NSF in order to ensure that treaties are made in the best interests of both parties.
Article V:
Either NSF or Guinness may terminate this pact following a period of no less than 48 hours following notification to the other party. Following this period, Article I will remain active for an additional 96 hours. Violations of the aforementioned agreement are grounds for immediate dissolution of this treaty without prior notice. 
Signed for the North Star Federation,
Crv24, Emperor
Grealind, Regent
Saxplayer, Executive Commander of the State
Signed for Guinness,
Alexis Svante
Edited by Saxplayer
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What does the Lion and the Red Hand represent out of curiosity?

Presumably, the [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Hand_of_Ulster]Red Hand of Ulster[/url]. Don't know about the lion, but presumably similar. What I want to know is what's up with the horribly glaring choice for the tricolors.

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Guinness ehhh you should send some of that my way...Le do thoil... Anyway, because I know Alexis Svante, good luck guys.

Edited by Sir Kiloist
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Presumably, the Red Hand of Ulster. Don't know about the lion, but presumably similar. What I want to know is what's up with the horribly glaring choice for the tricolors.

(OOC)They are telling us that Guinness a product of the South is being taken over by the North and run by Scots(/OOC)

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