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Time to finish the job...


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The Doomhouse remnants have managed to merge their coalition with the NpO coalition out of desperation on both their parts. Although if I can think of the worst outcomes regarding which powers rise to prominence out of this war, it would be those two. NpO has been more than willing to stab in the back those who follow their lead in the past and allowing Doomhouse remnants to take advantage of short attention spans to turn their recent loss into a rallying cry for alliances to gather round them to fight NPO and others who had a hand in their defeat last war would be a ridiculous outcome.


To many wars have been fought to bring down the empire which allows alliances like GOONS to thrive within them to suddenly give up now and allow those who put their personal ambitions above that to sway you to fighting for the wrong side.


Don't allow short sightedness blind you from who the real enemy is and who you've wanted to see defeated these past few years. In this war GOONS and Umbrella have left themselves open for any alliances who want to see closure to the GOONS/Umbrella empire to make their move. Nothing should've changed since the last war, other than us being more prepared to finish the job this time.

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The NPO and MK both allowed GOONS to thrive during their reigns. Why is one better than the other? NpO went against GOONS, why don't they get credit for that?


I agree with this. You realize NG also allowed GOONs to thrive? You disdain for certain alliances is showing. I suggest you get over it meth and move on. Grudges are unhealthy.


I don't think anyone wanted to really kill Umbrella or GOONs, it was mainly MK.


So much this. MK is dead as well. 

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Are you sure that attacking nations is the way to destroy them? From where I'm sitting, nation destruction involves a leader abandoning his nation. Nothing to do with outside interference. If you really do want to destroy these nations, you need to reach out to the leaders directly and engage them in process discussions. If you can incentivize the process, you've got a winning combination.

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