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  1. Everyone loves Hime Themis, the quirky OBR potentate with the affected speech patterns! *5 minutes later* We regret to inform you that Hime Themis is terrible at everything.
  2. I like my treaties like I like my coffee. Smelly, hairy, greasy, foul tasting, sweaty, just awful.
  3. Point 2 of this is the funniest least self aware thing I've seen on these forums in at least a year.
  4. They need to be bad, but not BAD bad. Just minor procedural infractions, like rebroadcasting major sporting events with only implied oral consent rather than express written consent.
  5. Oh look, it's Hero Of Time and his absolute lack of accurate self or world perception. Anyway, it's a shame to see MK go, but when the world is dying someone has to get out first.
  6. All i can say is thank god there isn't a juggalo alliance for you to treat with.
  7. It's of vital import that we stress how not a bloc this is.
  8. I demand a knife fight between sir william and king william.
  9. it took a lot of effort but I have a detailed and accurate treaty map right here. I'll add more alliances as I get time:
  10. I am anxious to know Ubuntu's thoughts on "the deal with airline food"
  11. from what you can see being the operative part of this. The situations that get resolved quickly and quietly don't make it to the public eye.
  12. was "resurrect 20-month-dead unsuccessful joke threads" one of the tips in this guide?
  13. freedom's just another word for "what you can get away with". The unspoken central truth of our lives on bob is that you have to balance what you are free to do with what you are allowed to do. Joining an alliance marginally decreases what you are free to do, but is a vast increase to what you are able to do without fear. There's a code of conduct behind the castle walls, but out in the wilds you are perfectly free to starve to death. Or of course you can put up your hippy shield and hobble through the world This is a big part of why the Green Protection Agency and World Task Force are
  14. should have used this as the entirety of their disbandment message: http://pbfcomics.com/55/
  15. This wasn't an election. Good job reading.
  16. You can't give us something we already have.
  17. This is an outrage and/or this is a brave step foward. I'll be honest, I didn't read it.
  18. We certainly have their table manners
  19. [b]Official Announcement from the first semi-official GOONS rep to wake up this morning[/b] Los Pollos Hermanos are under our protection. This protection will be reviewed in 30 days. We may get a slightly more official announcement of this later on. Lamuella, Member Emeritus
  20. Congrats to all new and returning govt members. Who got elected as Stratephor?
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