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  1. Not at all. The timeline went like this: Update --> His attack on me --> Him getting nuked. I really could use a Gantt chart, here, so bear with me while I do the brown-paper thing on this whiteboard... What I'm suggesting, and I'm not giving away too much free consulting when I say this, but it should have gone like this: First attack on me --> Update --> Another attack on me --> Him getting nuked. Simple process revision and productivity increases. And I'm not saying that the nation is particularly bad. There is, however, room for improvement, and that's wh
  2. Got a trade circle underway, thanks for your offer in this area all the same. As far as him outdamaging me, are you using mark-to-market accounting or traditional GAAP to assess that number?
  3. I've just been attacked by a nation in The Legion. While, normally, a war is a wonderful thing to have, this one gave me concerns. The nation in question has been in The Legion for over a year and was remarkably inept in his warfighting abilities. I mean, he attacked at 12 minutes to an hour after midnight, and only got off one ground attack. I had two thoughts on the root cause of this. Either, one, The Legion has no effective training for its members on how to fight a war or, two, folks in The Legion aren't paying attention to the training that's available. That's where The Bobs comes in
  4. This thing has strategic synergies written all over it. Good to see this officialized.
  5. Love to see a new startup. How are you kids fixed for ERP and workflow systems?
  6. That is a great question, and one that everyone should ask of himself from time to time. Myself, I'm a consultant. From just a few days of observation, it is clear that there are a number of alliance organizations that would benefit from a variety of products I offer, from personnel evaluations on over to ISO 9000 compliance. If you know of anyone that could benefit from some best-of-breed world-class business process solutions, I would be very thankful for the referrals.
  7. Better out than in is applicable in oh so many situations.
  8. I have to agree with your conclusion. Ironically, his nation was the first one to get into the fight for MHA. Maybe MHA should consider an outsourcing solution for its wars. That, or they've got a strong need for some ISO 9000. Define the procedures, follow them, enjoy the benefits of doing things the right way.
  9. You're missing out on some strategic synergies if you're not smart-sizing your priorities.
  10. Just keep track of the alliances not at war with Nordreich and put a line through them as they announce their declarations. Streamlines the process.
  11. You can't argue with a straightforward efficiency assessment. Someone give this guy a bonus.
  12. Here's something you don't see every day. A declaration against Nordreich. Buy on the rumor and sell on the news if you don't want to be caught holding the hot potato in a bubble market.
  13. Different strokes for different folks. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the asses at war with Kaskus?
  14. Looks like you're doing neither war nor peace effectively. You need to decide which one is your core competency and focus on that.
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