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The Times, They are a Changin'


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[spoiler]For Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPt08UYmyMo[/spoiler]

I don't want to set the world on fire...

[spoiler]From August 15th, 2008:

The writhing masses scrape and claw, climbing over one another, doused in the blood of their former friends and allies all hoping for the momentary favor of their master. They allow themselves to be blindly led, force themselves to believe that they will be different, that they are the truly loved, the favorite sons and daughters.

Bob is a barren wasteland of misery and cowardice. The well of honor has all but run dry. Momentary wisps of honor remain but quickly vanish, sad reminders of a past forgotten. They are the ghosts of the few souls who dared stand and believe in something bigger than themselves, who dared believe in something beyond their infrastructure.

One of the last bastions of decency and individual, the Mushroom Kingdom, is under siege. It is with great pride I activate our oldest treaty tonight, our MDAP with Mushroom Kingdom. Forsaking all else, we defend them tonight, to whatever end.

We strike at the very heart of the beast, =LOST= declares war on the New Pacific Order.

We fight and we die because we cannot bear to watch our friends and brothers in Mushroom Kingdom stand alone, and to remind the few honest people left in this world that all hope is not yet =LOST=.

To NPO: We salute you, prepare to fight[/spoiler]

I just want to start a flame in your heart...

[spoiler]From April 21st, 2009


[b]Athens Declaration of War[/b]

For reasons that should already be apparent, I'm a bit pressed for time, so I'll be brief. On Monday, April 20th, the New Pacific Order decided to end peace talks with a surprise attack on Ordo Verde. New Pacific Order, your crimes come to an end today. We have become an instrument in the hands of Karma.

[b]You have sown the wind. You shall reap the whirlwind.[/b]

Athens hereby declares war on the New Pacific Order, on behalf of Karma and due to our MADP with Vanguard.[/center][/spoiler]

In my heart I have but one desire...

[spoiler]From April 21st, 2009


The Greenland Republic believes in giving chances. Karma demonstrated that opportunity tonight when they gave the New Pacific Order a chance to make up for their actions. When it became apparent that no progress could be made on the NPO-OV front a decision had to be made. The Greenland Republic follows its allies through thick and thin. We expect the same in return. Tonight we will enter a conflict that will see further breaks in friendship. However we will stand true.

The Greenland Republic hereby activates Bluenited For Orange and will attack the New Pacific Order along with our allies in Vanguard.[/spoiler]

That one is you, no other will do...


[center]In time, enemies may change.



War never changes.

The Last Remnants, in defense of the New Pacific Order, hereby declare war on Farkistan.


Mandellav, Triumvir
Rush Sykes, Triumvir
Voodoo, Triumvir

StealthyPenguin93, Minister of War
Don Pedro, Minister of Internal Affairs
Avery, Minister of Economics

Stefano Palmieri, Senate Leader
The Corrupt Teacher, Senator
Floul1, Senator
Kestral, Senator
Devilyn Caster, Senator[/center]


Also, as an added bonus:

A Special Beverage Review for FARK:


[center][b]Nuka Cola Quantum[/b][/center]

Popping the top off of this fluorescent libation brings one back to a simpler time in life when throwing glow sticks into a camp fire was the best thing to do out in the woods on a chilly Tuesday night during the waning days of Autumn. The first sip is reminiscent of the burgeoning explosion of flavor associated with that of the original flavor of Nuka Cola, but the seasoned connoisseur relishes in the delightful playfulness of a hint of pomegranate and the joyous glow of strontium-90. However, this mixologist of mayhem recommends atomic electrolysis to gather those radioactive isotopes so that when your nukes fall on FARK, the pretty blue light shines like the smile on a fat kid when he opens the door to a fully-stocked refrigerator.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]FARK, your erection has lasted way longer than 4 hours. Think of us as the Doctor with the long needle.


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Bism'Allarchon al Rahman al Rahim -

Devout Mushlims, infidels, and People of the Book -

This evening at sundown, I was sitting high upon the battlements of Princess Peach's Castle telling the word of our Lord, Allarchon, to the people of this fair land. As I gazed out, I noticed an endless sea of devout Mushlims heeding His call, kneeling in prayer to Him. It was not always this way. We were not always so strong. Our faith was forged in blood and fire and it is in those very elements that we shall find our salvation. I can feel it in my very soul that we will soon be called to serve Him. Not all of us will survive but if that is what is required by Allarchon, His will be done. The faithful, myself and these Mushlims before me, will soon be called to renew our vows to God and cleanse this world of His enemies.

War is coming, Bob, prepare for us. Those who do not convert will be slaughtered in a fashion befitting that of an infidel, like a beast.

Allarchonu Akbar!

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It will not be long before a nuclear torrent of jihad rains down upon your nations. You need not prepare for Mushqaeda, for attempting to complete an impossible task will get you nowhere.


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