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  1. All XX alliances are at war. They are. RnR is doing something insignificant. And its not really XX and CnG since XX hasnt really ruffled its feathers at CnG as a whole. Maybe we're untouchable. Hegemony itt. App is fighting GATO, can't like them :v Sometimes, when mommies and daddies hate each other very much they dress up as victorian ladies and blast each other with guns they got from an rogue aetherist.
  2. Now, to man of you, I am unknown. I have sat on Planet bob in two incarnations, Waevur and New Waevur. Now, while my memory is long enough to remember the heyday of Atlantis and before The New Polar Order was the boogey man, I don't remember a time when things were this stupid. In particular, I an perplexed as to why XX is more or less sitting on their hands. Now, you're going to balk and wonder what I mean when 3/4ths of XX is in the war, well 3/4ths of CnG is in as well, yet, there haven't been any significant counters against CnG. Maybe I'm silly. Maybe I'm the only one bothered by this. But, CnG and its prominent allies, namely MK and NG, are in this war all out. Okay, so NG is gang-banging FARK and MK is playing 'sanitation worker' with MHA (I figured Trash-man was derogatory). But they're in this war and they've stood by their allies. And, inevitably, someone is going to e-lawyer me about treaties and stuff that I'm going to call bull because as a member of TLR i can say with out a doubt that TLR signs NO treaty without the intent of honoring it, and handles its FA accordingly. To be frank... leading up to this war I heard a LOT of big talk, mostly from Sparta, albeit, that XX was a force to be reckoned with. So, has Sparta written a check FARK can't cash? Are we over-drafting MHA? Call the bank. let us know what you work out. Oh, and there ought to be a steam punk alliance. Someone get on that.
  3. Love the signature. Shame about the pony.

  4. Sad day when we have to inform the world of our heraldry.
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