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  1. [quote name='JohnGalt' timestamp='1330666819' post='2931733'] I remember predicting this nearly 1.5 or 2 full years ago, when I was still in OSA. Hard to be sad for the course of events that was set in motion, and thus the inevitable ending has arrived. [/quote] Predicted it 2 years ago? That sounds incredibly asinine
  2. It was a fun 3 years. See ya on the flip
  3. Awesome! Let's go another 1000 eh? o/ [s]GONS[/s] [s]GONOS[/s] [s]GEWNS[/s] [s]Goons[/s] [s]GOONs[/s] GOONS <3 me some GOONS
  4. [quote name='Abshire' timestamp='1325744531' post='2893159'] Don't know, why would you wait a month to enter a large-scale war? You have to expect to be given a hard time considering the circumstances... All that aside, welcome to the fray and kill some Fark pixels. [/quote] As they say, facts can be stranger than fiction? Does that work here? Anyhow, thank you for the warm welcome
  5. [quote name='Abshire' timestamp='1325744071' post='2893149'] How many of those are above 7.5k (you only have 4 nations under 10k) and not in PM? [/quote] Zero were in PM- why would I put PMed nations on a target list? And I didn't record NS
  6. [quote name='R3nowned' timestamp='1325743354' post='2893142'] What action? How many open defensive slots does Fark have? All you're doing is adding your name onto a list of people who bandwagonned on Fark. It's embarrassing. [/quote] See two posts above, please
  7. [quote name='xoindotnler' timestamp='1325743192' post='2893138'] Are there even Fark slots left? [/quote] Going through the list this afternoon returned 121 nations with open defensive slots
  8. [quote name='King Wally' timestamp='1325742918' post='2893128'] Wow that was really brave of you guys... I guess now you can update your wiki post war to tell everyone how you defeated Fark. Bravo [/quote] You know us too well, don't you? Oh wait..
  9. [quote][center][img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/c/cb/OSAXFwar.png[/img][/center] [center]Pursuant to “Line 100” of [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=87680]A Very BASIC Treaty[/url], the Open Source Alliance hereby declares war on the nations of Fark. May Tux have mercy on their souls.[/center] [u]Signed for the Open Source Alliance[/u] Cs1177, President Victius, Vice President okandjo, Minister of External Affairs HiddenSouls, Minister of Defense sperry2442, Minister of Internal Affairs Villain, Minister of Economics Chronopolice,
  10. [quote name='WorkingClassRuler' timestamp='1324328798' post='2882035'] Well despite that, I certainly didn't mean Argent. [/quote] Love you too
  11. Congrats Axis and SNAFU! Warmongrel: watch out for that Alex fella
  12. I'm really sad to such a great alliance disband. MFO have been great friends and chess opponents. o7 MFO o7 JoshuaR o7 Durabo o7 All other MFOers
  13. [quote name='2burnt2eat' timestamp='1296938012' post='2620892'] 1. You didn't even counter his point. 2. You in fact just underscored it. [/quote] So you're saying we should attack more than one alliance? Or perhaps a stronger one of those alliances? Huh. Sounds like good advice for the involved NPO allies who all attacked one alliance, which happened to be the weakest in terms of NS and Avgerage NS.
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