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  1. Regent Pancras

    Make DoW's Great Again

    It must be very upsetting for you that despite apparently being curb stomped time and time again that we are still here, unlike other alliances who have been more transient. The probable eventual outcome of the conflict is of far less importance to us than the entertainment in the meantime.
  2. Regent Pancras

    Make DoW's Great Again

    I know you like to be the centre of attention and fake news virginia. I'm pretty sure in your mind NSO is going to be the next FAN. But everyone else on planet bob is laughing at your delusions. So we will just do some fact checking of figures. At the start of your war, NSO had 3,357,666 NS with 44 nations. As of just now it has 1,000,388 NS with 29 nations, of which 16 are in war mode. Of the last 120 individual wars fought over the last month, only 15 of them have been aggressive declarations by just 7 NSO nations. Bring what's left of your alliance out to fight and we can have another chat, in the meantime sit in Peace Mode for as long as you like. When you want to fight we can make time for NSO too, but just now I think we have a little spare capacity to help our Invicta bretheren and can make some time for NATO too. Legion doesn't only have eyes for NSO baby. Sorry Hun, I wish it didn't have to be this way but I just think it's better if we see other people. xxx
  3. Regent Pancras

    Make DoW's Great Again

    To be honest, we were getting bored with the Sith nonsense. More than half half of their nations are in Peace Mode, only two have declared offensive wars recently, 10 have deleted, so NSO is nothing more than a distraction. We have basically declared operations on that front at an end and are treating what's left as guerilla warfare to be dealt with on an ad-hoc basis. We have found the sith Sith in all pretty pathetic really, including your good self.
  4. Regent Pancras

    Quasi-Imperial Statement from the New Sith Order

    I'm sure he is delighted that you have been appointed as his spokesman.
  5. Regent Pancras

    Quasi-Imperial Statement from the New Sith Order

    Rebel Virginia, the master of very fine words, raconteur extrordinare, the one who regales all who will listen to his tales of military prowess has decided that Peace Mode is the best option for him, having in the space of seven short days fallen from a pre war NS of 114.6k to 71.6k. I can't wait to hear how he spins this as some glorious personal victory on the field of battle. To answer your earlier question Sabcat, who is winning and who is losing? In terms of raw NS; NSO have lost more than The Legion, but it is likely to even up in due course. The NSO top tier will have an advantage of huge warchests and wonders as they are knocked down into our 15-35k tier, which is when things will get interesting. I speak personally and not on behalf of the alliance although I know that there are other individuals who feel the same - I would like to thank NSO for the DOW. It has made things a little interesting within the alliance and is giving us some entertainment. There is no love lost between Legion and NSO - but many of their leaders of nations have been on planet bob for many years so we have a shared interest in the past and if they have decided as an alliance that The Legion will be their final swan song then that is something for us to take some pride in and I personally wish them well for their future on Bob should they chose another alliance, even though I do not wish them well on the field of battle. I intend to give them what they seek and would encourage RV to engage on the field of battle once more for glory awaits.
  6. Regent Pancras

    Quasi-Imperial Statement from the New Sith Order

    I'm not sure that's going to be a winning entry.
  7. Regent Pancras

    Quasi-Imperial Statement from the New Sith Order

    Rebel Virginia, you Sir are the original peddler of 'alternative' truth and facts and I have to hand it to you, you are still number one top of your game. You just need to market yourself a little better and you could make millions! Have you thought of a slogan or strapline? Every successful business has one. Maybe something like "Rebel Virginia - Where delusion becomes reality". In fact I've just had a brilliant idea - We can run a competition, the winner of which will receive 100 of my tech for the best RV slogan...
  8. Regent Pancras

    Quasi-Imperial Statement from the New Sith Order

    I love it when we compare sizes. Sooooo Exciting! U OK Hun? xxx
  9. Regent Pancras


    Holton is not to be trusted with anything on Planet Bob at any time ever.
  10. Regent Pancras

    Dear Pacifica,

    No one can speak for you RV, because no one is as fluent in the language of BS as you.
  11. Regent Pancras

    Dear Pacifica,

    That wasn't what NSO said when they repeatedly wanted peace. For history's sake this was what was said, I hope it proves useful in jogging your memory:
  12. Regent Pancras

    atha ma baa traavun khar baa

    That was like 6 1/2 years ago.     As Imperator it gives me great pleasure to award you a medal.   Now get back in your box.
  13. Regent Pancras

    Invicta Finds Christianity

    I'm very pleased to see this. Congratulations to both CCC and Invicta.
  14. Regent Pancras

    Peace for the Legion Front

    I battled several AI nations who fought a good fight. Good to have good opponents.   o/ Ave Legio
  15. Regent Pancras

    What Does The Fox Say?

    o/ Shadow gov. Roll Legion! Good to have you guys with us. Enjoy the fun. o/ Invicta