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  1. you're lying, i've been at your place and there is no pool! alternatively pool's closed
  2. have fun Kublakhan and those other dudes I dont know!
  3. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1330916986' post='2933623'] Considering CnG was an MK created project, but even after MK left the bloc they still let MK lead them around makes them seem like an DH pet at times. Although with this treaty they are better positioning themselves so they don't need to be so reliant on MK to lead them in their FA policies, so I'm actually happy to see this treaty. I'm pretty sure [b]MK was against the ODP when TLR signed that with NPO[/b], so I think its good to see this relationship strengthened as long as NPO doesn't start becoming an MK puppet due to this, but
  4. [quote name='TimLee' timestamp='1323586397' post='2873551'] TLR coordinating going downward? [/quote] as if people coordinate from the forums anyways. also, as if most of the people we are fighting with are in the same alliance as us.
  5. well i'll be damned. hey there nutmeg! I hope you can instill some discipline on your roudy bunch
  6. i'd assume the POWs are "caspers", ghosts that dont cause trouble. MHA doesnt ghostbust its AA.
  7. gODN! CnG is doing some damage tonight :3
  8. I love you guys go get them evil multi-coloureds! its becoming a tradition by now
  9. after seeing this dont want to live on this planet anymore
  10. lets home MHA finally steps in to help their allies now that half their block is getting hit. I find it funny that people who dont enter wars despite their allies are getting pummeled are talking about honour etc
  11. expected! also some of your friends jumped the gun.
  12. [quote name='CheeKy' timestamp='1323128203' post='2864551'] Indeed, we shall remember your support and protect you from these infidels if needed. [/quote] [quote name='Mandellav' timestamp='1323128526' post='2864561'] I wish to thank Mushqaeda for its suicidal support against these infidels who imbibe inferior beverages against the laws of Allarchon. Allarchonu Akbar! [/quote] damn it we all know the Mushroom Kommune is the best faction!
  13. this war is weird, but oh well... [img]http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/838/1323121249875.jpg[/img]
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