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A Ragnarok Announcement

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We in Ragnarok have a long history with NATO, back to our origins as their protectorate, a time that I can only know from stories by Rokkers longer in the tooth than myself. In the course of the last few months we have talked and listened, swapped war stories and thrown back more than a few beers and, after some soul searching, we bring to you...


[center][size=14pt]The "Everything Old is New Again" Pact[/size][/center]

Rokkers and our friends in NATO having determined that there is mutual respect and admiration amongst both our government and members would like to make our friendship official. As with any new official friendship both parties choose to start slow, with the intent of increasing our mutual understanding. Beware: If any group should come knocking on the gates or walls of either of our alliances, do not be surprised to see the other prepared to jump you. Either alliance will also have the option to join the other in acts of aggression.

Both alliances agree that the keys and foundation to a friendship are loyalty and communication...well and good booze. As both alliances have booze a plenty in an effort to improve our communication both alliances agree that any information received which may affect the other alliance will be shared within 24 hours.

Both alliances agree that friends of a friend sometimes smell funny. These "secondary" friends are not part of this agreement, and as such there is no binding requirement for us to protect a secondary friend, or deliver intelligence regarding a secondary friend.

Finally, if either alliance decides to cancel this treaty a proper 48 hour private notice will be given.

Signed for Ragnarok:

Kaitlink, Empress
Mykep, Regent
Rampage3, Vice Regent
Yukon Don, High Chancellor
Bob Ilyani, Vice Chancellor

Signed for NATO:

dev0win, Secretary General
Chocolate Cookies, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Sir Humphrey, Secretary of Commerce
Tallon, Secretary of Defense
Sultan Ahmed, Secretary of Enlistment
AtheistRepublican, Chief Justice

tl;dr Chew on the oDoAP

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[quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1304483399' post='2705728']
Is it really necessary to have a non-chaining agreement in an optional treaty? I mean come on now.
Oh god, I had to look back, they really did it.

Shame on you, RoK and NATO. Come on, you're smarter than that.

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[quote name='HeroofTime55' timestamp='1304484736' post='2705751']
Oh god, I had to look back, they really did it.

Shame on you, RoK and NATO. Come on, you're smarter than that.

Meh, I've had a non-chaining clause in an odp before. It just used language like "more encouraged" and "less encouraged."

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I have a deep affection for NATO and am pleased at this first step in what I hope will be a long and happy friendship. I would especially like to thank AR for her unending support and determination in seeing this happen.

I adore all of you :wub:

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