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  1. oh my, youre about to find out why no one else had declared war on NEW yet
  2. If you had been able to activate mdps this fast before now, CDT mightve never fallen apart
  3. to reiterate what boris said, the OXIII AA remains officially under the protection of FEAR
  4. [quote name='Xiphosis' timestamp='1307243406' post='2724148'] We managed. Let's interview some of FEAR's past MDP partners [the ones you dropped when we and/or friends attacked them] and ask them how bold FEAR was. [/quote] I love that you think it's insulting that the last time that happened was literally 4 years ago. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  5. I dont think i can come up with anything to say thats funnier than the bloc itself
  6. heh, i heard we held this one up for a while
  7. Mostly Harmless Alliance - 4 seems nice enough, but probably the worst ns/influence ratio in this game for a non neutral Green Protection Agency - 4 neutral Fark - 5 decent enough the few times we interacted Independent Republic Of Orange Nations - 7 we're in a constant state of getting to know each other Sparta - 6 gave white peace to our allies World Task Force 4 neutral Orange Defense Network 7 best frenemys The Order Of The Paradox 6 were cool back when we talked Umbrella 4 overshadowed by the rest of doomhouse New Pacific Order 2 your existence limits the game Global Alliance
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