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  1. Not the way i remember it Canik but then betraying UPN (your then allies) was acceptable i suppose. TOP does nothing except for it's own benefit. I hope your don't have to relay on TOP to help you out in the future when it doesn't suit their game plan
  2. fluffyewunga

    MEAT/SPAM stats

    Hell hasn't frozen over yet
  3. Possibly look at their protector Robster, I'm fairly sure there's somebody far worse than FEAR giving them guidance. Shhh u I'm sure menotah will be dealing with this disrespectful outburst. Portectorates should be seen and not heard untill they have proven they can behave and this lot deffinatly havn't
  4. fluffyewunga

    Betting time

    1 day people will actually use a dictionary before attacking people. Optional = Alliance has a option dumb arse
  5. Don't count on it staying that way
  6. CSN is a very unreasonable alliance. Personal expereince of their "compromises" tells me that.
  7. I did but it fails to prove any of your points. It maybe the part u r looking for is not inculded in the privew provided but since this book is no avilable in the UK u'll need to give me something better then that
  8. MVP i'd like to ask where u get your information from? I have been on Wiki and no where is this holiday even closly associate with an crusade so please provide the facts to your statments. Without Facts your blog is nothing more the picking on a day casue u don't like turkey. (I'm a brit and we don't do thanks giving) If u have actual facts behind your claims i'd be interested the look at them as things related to this time period r a particular fav of mine.
  9. Thats an unsual definition of the word friend your using there.
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