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[size="5"][b][center]TOOL Annoucement[/b][/size][/center]

[center] [img]http://www.theorderoflight.com/uploads/images/1262025759-U1.png[/img] [/center]

Every year or so there comes a time in this world where friendships are tested and the entire place glows a shade of green. This war has been extremely polarizing with one side claiming their side is trying to bring life to this world and the other side claiming that they are bringing it down to a point of no return. I'm not here to debate the merits of either argument, that's not important. What is important is we have friends fighting and we aren't going to sit idle while it happens.

When VE attacked NpO we really couldn't have cared less. We certainly didn't support VEs action but we also disliked the NpO from the shady way the last war was played out. Our friends however were fighting on both sides and our concern falls with them. To LoSS, STA, CCC, WAPA and Brigade, you know we love you and I hope you all get peace soon if you haven't already. I wish we could have been of more assistance on your fronts.

What brings us here though is the war on the NPO. Now don't get me wrong, TOOL has never been close friends with them but Mia does send out a Christmas card every year. I can say however that we see eye to eye on at least one thing. We're both allied to TPF.

The Phoenix Federation is everything and more that I would want in an ally. Friendship actually means something, they are the first to offer their assistance if you should need it and wouldn't leave your side for the world until they are sure you made it out. We will be doing what we know TPF would do for us. TOOL will not accept peace til they are out of war.

To our enemies, the one that we are declaring on and the many that are sure to follow. I hope to get to know you better. What better way to bond than burning each others cities to the ground?

In accordance with the defense article in "The Penicillin Pact" with TPF, The Order Of Light declares war on the Mushroom Kingdom.

[center]Lord Captain Commander, The Dakotans
Amyrlin, Elderon
White Lion, Afcash
M'hael, Lureene
Callandor, OVERLORD Ikaru
Master of Ships, Dealmaster13

Inquisitors, FeigelInc, Tigersgo09, Mia
Council of Light[/center]

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I have seen many things and I have seen flimsy CBs. I have watched politics of this world change over the time, I've been constantly told that we should change our friends. For what reason? To be allied to those who were not associated with the ex-hegemony. We were told this in Karma but then a year later, BiPolar came, and TOOL came to the defense of an ally again. We were told during this time that we were being served reparations for not befriending the right side. So we tried for the next year or so. Then this war happens. I couldn't care about VE-Polar's war but when NPO was attacked for no reason other than a three year grudge, it turns everything that any ex-heg alliance has ever tried to do back. It turns everything we've struggled for and strived to do back. Merely because people aren't willing to sacrifice their friends, they are rolled under the pretense of not "improving" or showing "change" to whatever impossible standard is set.

But that is not why we are here today, in this moment. We are here today, fighting this war because our close ally of 3 years who we were told to drop for better political position. We could have but we didn't because TPF has proved again and again to stick true to their word. When you are in trouble, you know they have your back. You know they will come to your defense even if they are still limping from the last one. They relish war and they honor pride. You could not find a better ally in Planet Bob and I am proud to stand by them. TOOL will not bow, this will be a long war, but will not walk off the field without TPF. We will not walk off the field without pride knowing that we have defended our principles by staying true to our ally. Planet Bob can burn but if one loses the essence of what they are, then there isn't much of a community left. We are bound by our words and our actions.

So now TOOL acts, not out of the obligation of a treaty dictating us to but out of a bond formed over the years. The trust and the honor displayed by TPF that makes me proud to be allied to them. So I shall walk proudly side by side for TPF.

o/ Forever the Light

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