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  1. Happy Birthday dude ;)

  2. Earogema

    Mia's demand

    Oh whoops. Yeah I wrote this at like 6 A.M. My bad.
  3. Earogema

    Mia's demand

    I had to write a blog (more specifically a rap) about why I don't dance/hate dancing. :| Yo dawg I don't like to dance I can't really prance I can't move Like I'm in a trance I ain't got a chance I'm gonna surrender Like I'm from France I ain't got a stance That lets me move and groove although it would behoove a guy like me to be up in this but instead I dis like a snake I hiss cause I always miss when I try to dance. Peace.
  4. You still owe me nukes R_V. Don't think I've forgotten.
  5. So nations that do not appeal to the mercy board are always going to get raided then? At least until they appeal to the mercy board/join an alliance/whatever. That's just it. There is no real difference in his explanation. 1. Not all PZI was across rerolls. Eventually there became the distinction between PZI and EZI. One just ZI'ed the nation over and over, one went across rerolls. PZI and EoG in that sense, have little difference. 2. The "ZI" in ZI doesn't really mean Zero Infrastructure (in this context). It means "We kill you until we feel like it or until you pay up." It's possible, easily so, for a nation to get off a PZI list without ever actually getting ZI'ed. Chickenzilla did it. Certainly some people actually do want to finish the ZI, but that's about the only difference. 3. The same principle of just letting people hit ZI targets without actually ordering people to hit was always there. I was never actually hit myself until I was hitting NPO. Besides, whether you actively order it or not really makes little difference, you are allowing your nations to keep at war another nation for an extended time.
  6. So basically. 1. Nation gets raided. Peaces. 2. Nation is still a valid raid target. 3. Nation gets raided again. 4. Peaces. 5. Repeat. I mean, it's so...meh. Many nations don't care to go through the process of going through mercy boards or communications. I didn't use IRC for like a year, and I wouldn't have registered on other forums for peace. You can say it's their fault, and that is a valid argument, but still. Why not just have a bit of dignity and just not raid them again? I mean, if it's just a raid that is. Like, do you have a list of nations that go through the mercy board, that are on none, that are on a do-not raid list? Because that would be the only way you could claim that a nation is permanently protected. Most people in any AA (GOONS or otherwise) that allow raiding won't even go look at a list, they'll just see "NONE" and raid ASAP. Also I really don't get the difference between EoG and PZI. Even Brookbank was let off PZI. PZI is PZI insofar as it is maintained. Back when the first surrender terms for Vox were released, you could get out of PZI by registering on a certain set of forums. It wasn't PZI in that sense, but if you didn't comply it was. Same deal. PZI and EoG are the exact same thing. The only possible exception that is some PZIs had no possible appeal while (according to you) all EoGs do. Even then, I can't think of a single example where a person was on PZI and didn't eventually get out of it.
  7. No I mean. "They sought a CB that wasn't there, they discussed making up a CB, they discussed alliances who would never, ever fight on their side, they demonstrated ignorance of politics and diplomacy itself" 1. False CB generated by Genmay (that they acted on). 2. Alliances that weren't on their side (tons of them). 3. Ignorance of politics and diplomacy. (GOONS, \m/, Genmay). And those alliances got forced disbandment is what I mean. And even the month of existence was riddled with huge problems that I won't go into for obvious reasons.
  8. You know, UJP did all of those things too. They also had 3 alliances forced to disband. Now I know how everybody in this game loves to connect "Worst ______ Ever" to anything they don't like (and to be fair, this was a terrible showing to all involved) but this isn't the first time such a thing has transpired.
  9. [20:40] <@MegaAros> GOONS is 14k [20:40] <@MegaAros> So yeah I'm pretty sure I was referring to UPN there, not NpO. But I couldn't just be remembering incorrectly.
  10. We do indeed, once I get my internet fixed. Also, why is \m/ imploding?

  11. We should hang out again and troll ODN.

    I could also tell you how much I hate Atlantis. D:

  12. I want your children, Aros.

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