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  1. I'm very unhappy that LC wasn't allowed to finish those 3 rounds as an alliance, but all in all, a fun war. On the way out though, I noticed that my opponents, NG'ers especially did not use the provided ash trays or coasters making significantly more cleanup required than necessary. In the future, please try and be considerate of those declaring after you. Thank you.
  2. Oh for all that you hold dear just shut up. Commenting on people being in peace mode is so tired...and keeping fighting in a curbstomp to "win" is about as pathetic as can be. If you really still think the winner in this war is open to debate you're an idiot. You've won. Your side has the nation and NS advantage at every tier and we've been fighting for a month now. I'm content with it continuing as long as it can, it's the best war I've had in my time here but to claim that you can "ruthlessley keep fighting as long as it takes to win" is a load of garbage that's not even fit for the OWF.
  3. From my earliest days on Bob, Valhalla has had an outsized effect on my nation and alliances. Turns out much of it was good and some bad but I always respected you guys and am saddened to see you go.
  4. Glad to see you guys paying homage to SNAFU. I miss the impossible triangle as well...<sigh> [center][/center] Thank you my friends.
  5. Sorry for being late, I got lost in damn wine cellar. For goodness sake, we need a damn map for down there! Anyway, I'm very happy to be a part of this and am looking forward to sharing the varies ways in which man has invented to inebriate themselves with all of you!
  6. I can't speak for Ai in the past, as I've only been a member for a short time, but we'd like to offer you a spot as our Psychotic Whinge. It's a role you've been practicing for your entire CN carreer for and with that one out the way we only need to come up with two more! Excellent!
  7. Trying my best. Have fun SO. :D There's only two positives to this war, casualties and not having to share a coalition forum with Scattenmann.
  8. That was spectacular. Gopher's presentation of it as well. Well played all.
  9. The size of the nations are the issue, it's the size of the warchests. If there was something, anything, that limited warchests then it would be feasible for a large enough coalition to pull those "God Tier" nations down one by one and wipe them out. It would take immense discipline, but it could be done.
  10. If that's the definition they're using, but unaligned is not really the same as "not in an alliance big enough to count"...
  11. Just to be clear... "This policy mandates that only the unaligned are acceptable for our members to raid and as a result of OcUK's own predicament regarding the cruel, otherworldly force known as 'inactivity', they were green lit when our member asked for permission." But you decided to break that rule because you thought OcUK was inactive...? So much for "very clear and consistently enforced." Fair enough that you're not crushing them for the raid you guys initiated, but man, look at what you're typing while you're trying to spin yourselves as the good guys. LOL
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