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  1. That was spectacular. Gopher's presentation of it as well. Well played all.
  2. Makes me feel just a touch better about the reps I sent you SirWilliam. As a Clevelander after that Boston series last year I was glad to see him go. We may never win, but I sure as hell hope we never give up like that pathetic man-child did.
  3. I couldn't agree more. While your point about racism in politics is completely correct, it's even deeper than that. All politics in this country has become an exercise in scorched earth tactics. I wonder what would happen to a candidate who ran on the platform, "I'm going to try and make as much money for myself as possible when I get elected. In doing that I'm going to try and get as much money for my constituents as possible so that you keep me in office. I will however not lie to you. I will tell you which lobby has my ear, who I accept gifts from and detail the rationale behind my every vote. I will practice self-interested altruism because what's good for you will end up benefiting me."
  4. I am the only visitor? Pity


    I miss teh Tempest

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