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  1. It's all about the theme, bout the theme, bout the theme....
  2. Secret treaties are the new way of doing things..I think I saw that in the new alliance guide to success...I want to make sure we add a certain amount of ambiguity to the treaty web to keep things interesting. Also..don't you worry about Kashmir those folks can hold their own.
  3. A while back a few corporate executives from Anarchy struck up some conversations with a couple coffee house owners and before you know it they became BFF's. They started hanging out and found out that they shared a love for alcohol. Next think you know the executives made a few calls and found a great little place to invest in, and word got out to some amazing Sandwich makers, and they all decided to go all in on the concept, and the doors were ready to open! After much thought, discussion and drinking we have decided to finally make this happen. I am pleased to announce that Last Call now exists, and Anarchy Inc, The Sandwich Confederation, and The Javahouse League will slowly fade into non-existence ...may your mead and beer flow freely to celebrate! Our starting government will be: Proprietors- John Churchill, Saphyre Manager- Gambona Bouncer- SpanktheFrank Porter- Shavar Host- Ainalave Bartenders- Lonewolf and Magical Muslim Anarchy Inc, The Javahouse League, BAPS, and SNAFU will be protected for 30 days from this announcement. DMFA will continue to be protected by Last Call. Our Forums can be located here....and our IRC channel will be #cnlastcall on coldfront! We acknowledge all our friends from the merging alliances and stress that we will continue to be friends and share the beer. We are also pleased to announce the Whiskey Diet Accords:
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