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  1. Ok, script is saying to try lon=156&lat=-28.99999999 now. I never got my script to do the errors quite right, so if that is wrong I would try: lon=156&lat=-29.00000001 lon=156&lat=-28.99999998 lon=156&lat=-29.00000002 etc. The longitude has never been affected by the floating point errors. Chintan's attempts to nail down the error predicted a few spots where the error jiggle was different from the .99999999 my script outputs, but I don't think we have ever seen those points. Maybe this is a first.
  2. Try: lon=156&lat=-28 Should at least be 99%. Possible this is one of the spots that needs to add .00000000001
  3. Really grasping for a "gotcha" here, eh? Like Haf said, Iso was part of DK. It's perfectly reasonable to use the "we" and "our" pronouns when speaking about former membership, especially as all those verbs are past tense, or denying a present agenda for a grouping that no longer exists. Kiwi is throwing you a lifeline here. You should take it. Because highlighting all the "we" and "our" in the quote makes you look even more silly.
  4. There was no merger. All the former DK members in Last Call went through the normal application process. Our government setup hasn't much changed since our founding, I believe the only change has been Haf put in charge of FA since he's one of the only ones consistently around the forums and IRC. The rest of us just lift our heads away from our drinks when it's time to hurt something. Also, seeing as you are privy to neither Last Call gov discussions, nor NPO gov discussions, your speculation as to the status of our treaty is based on nothing but your own bowel contents. If NPO has
  5. I was targeted in four spy operations today: My nation link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=108759 Thanks!
  6. Congrats PPO, you no longer have the worst blitz of the war.
  7. I cannot speak for Kashmir back channels, but I haven't seen anyone be worried over this war in Kashmir or Last Call. Most are just looking forward to padding casualty counts and laughing about the overkill. 20 million, here I come! Next stop, top 10.
  8. Oh man. Those were good times, rolling AcTi.
  9. Y'all realize that when we said, "JGoods for Tri," we were not being serious? <3 JGoods anyway
  10. oya has 61k tech and 200k land. He'll have more citizens from land than most GPA nations will have from infra. This means he will have at least double the soldiers/tanks of any potential GPA challenger. The tech advantage has him doing 2-3 times the damage of anyone else GPA may throw at him. So yeah, five nations cannot coordinate ten ground attacks. Whomever has the misfortune of starting with the highest odds will lose both attacks, with odds somewhere in the 15-20% range. After the first three get their attacks in, the other two may have a shot at 40-50% odds. Meanwhile, oya will get odd
  11. Doc, the 200 tech is the total loss from the 12 cruise missiles. Not 200 tech each. They are CMs, not low-tech nukes.
  12. I would be surprised if he has anything less than 15 billion. It's likely closer to 25 billion. You could check the Stats Awards to get a better feel for the cash involved. Relevant lines are Chindia earning over 141 billion in nation lifetime, and Cuba earning 3 billion in a single collection. oya will not be too far off from these benchmarks. IIRC, he used to own the lifetime earnings award, within the past year. As for Smurf, I am well aware that the 6v1 scenario would only happen for the initial round. Changing it to a 3v1 does nothing except reduce chances for GPA to steal tech back from
  13. oya can sell off all his infra and buy back right to where he is now, at least twice over. Likely far more. That's why there is also a condition that his warchest be burned off to 250 million. At that size, with the warchests involved, infrastructure is irrelevant. These are nations that make more in a single collection than yours has made in its entire existence. It's the tech and (to a slightly lesser extent) land that is hard to replace. Infra is easy. So, sorry. I know exactly what I am talking about. Your "strategy" would literally allow oya to eat the entire GPA upper tier, with no las
  14. I am well aware of the mechanics of the situation. I am pointing out your ignorance because it is clear that you are ignorant of the mechanics. Simply put, you have no idea how a war at large tech differentials works. For the benefit of those who are similarly ignorant, your scenario would work roughly like so: Six GPA nations of roughly 20k-30k tech launch an update attack: * Cruise missiles: due to IMS, roughly 12 of 24 get through, for roughly 200 tech damage. * Bombing runs: irrelevant, neither side is concerned about infra. * Ground attacks: oya will be rebuying soldiers constantly thro
  15. "Better," how, exactly? Nevermind that you appear ignorant of the maximum offensive wars numbering four these days. But I fail to see how your strategy is any better. It opens up GPA to taking at least treble the damage that they would take from using their current strategy, with a payoff of feeding oya more tech and land than could be nuked away with only a single nuke per day.
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