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Announcement from Nebula-X

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We Nebulan's did not give two feces about the current global conflict(s).
As it did not concern us. Heck we were happy that while you all are busy battering each other. Our chances of getting a sanction status seemed a reality. :P

However those plans will be postponed, because we will be taking a short break.


Nebula-X is in state of war with The Order of the Paradox, in defense of SNAFU per our P.E.A.C.E Treaty.

Very Respectfully,

Emperor - Sonic
Regent - Ludacrism2

Chancellor of Internal Affairs - Blood Ruler
Chancellor of Foriegn Affairs - Rheebrosinc
Chancellor of Commerce - Street Hawk
Chancellor of Defense - Alex

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Go get 'em guys I was never a fan of:


^MK -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^VE

And the other one.

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[quote name='KainIIIC' timestamp='1297056096' post='2623387']
Ballsy move. Straight into the Lion's Den. Awesome guys.

o/ Nebula-X

[quote name='Richard Rahl' timestamp='1297056270' post='2623402']
You are standing up for your friends, nothing wrong with that!

Enjoy the war fellas. Good job on standing by your allies. [i]Provided you last longer than the other guys that lasted 16 hours - just a disclaimer. lol. [/i]

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The false consciousness that the Capitalists have forced upon you has lead you to these actions. I do not fault you. I will take no joy in your demise. We will put down the dogs that have done this to you.

Yes we will.

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