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  1. I love how WTF looses a member and only manages to loose .01 score
  2. That would have been comical
  3. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1296941837' post='2620964'] Soft NS (infra and land) that you lose early on. They also have an awful lot of NS to start off with, so that size drop would represent a .5 drop in an alliance like VE or Sparta. [/quote] good point. I was a little worried for a sec or two...
  4. [quote name='Holy Ruler' timestamp='1296652434' post='2616089'] This. Apparently 0.8 is greater than 1.05. [/quote] Sparta lost more score than NPO as well, but not as much as MHA
  5. [quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1296431697' post='2611692'] HURRY UP GATO AND DROP PAST R&R WAITING IS BORING. [/quote] Thats a ton of score between you and them, gonna take more than a few days....
  6. [quote name='Utracia' timestamp='1295992827' post='2600981'] I hope to see GPA #1 once more as the dust settles. [/quote] It may still happen
  7. LoSS is flirting with the drop line...
  8. [quote name='Davian Thule' date='29 April 2010 - 09:10 PM' timestamp='1272589835' post='2280633'] When I updated it, that's what they were on. [/quote] the math doesnt add up tho
  9. [quote name='Lukcia' date='14 April 2010 - 04:53 PM' timestamp='1271278402' post='2260442'] Well done WTF on sanction! UPN never wanted to actively try and hold on to sanction, we just wanted the flag. Enjoy sanction, I cannot wait to see your pip. =D [/quote] we still hold on to sanction, they have only 199 nations >_>
  10. [quote name='Duncan King' date='07 April 2010 - 03:45 PM' timestamp='1270669533' post='2251950'] I don't suppose you can get 7 ghosts to change to World Task Force and another couple to join GATO, can you? I for one do [b]not[/b] welcome my new MK overlords and will miss GATO at the top. I finally remembered to wear their pip. MK knocking UPN down and GATO passing UPN would be okay, though... [/quote] whats with the UPN hatin? ;D
  11. go legion go! i would love to see two purples sanctioned
  12. [quote name='phillip110' date='28 March 2010 - 09:00 AM' timestamp='1269781239' post='2239110'] I had to hit you with [i]something[/i] during this whole war, right? It's like one of those touristy T-shirt. "I went to war with phillip110 and all I got was this one nuke" [/quote] I thought the same thing; I figured that now at least when I say I fought some rouge for ADI, I have something to show to prove it lol
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