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  1. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1297787890' post='2634474'] Even a GRL of 70 means that less than a quarter of all nations have been nuked in the last month. [/quote] Needs moar MP's.
  2. [quote name='dulceice' timestamp='1296982473' post='2621882'] [center][img]http://i56.tinypic.com/9hs9yw.jpg[/img][/center] [b]February [s]04[/s] 06, 2011[/b] [color=#FF8C00]•[/color] [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/2iik8it.png[/img] 1 [648] [color=black](+0)[/color] [color=#48D1CC][b]Mostly Harmless Alliance[/b][/color] : 61.82 --> 60.83 [color=red](-0.99)[/color] [color=#00FF00] [b]Global Radiation Level[/b] [/color]: 60.15 --> 60.76 [color=green](+0.61)[/color] [color=white]•[/color] [img]http://i52.tinypic.com/wb6q35.png[/img] 2 [264] [color=green](+1)[/color] [color=green][b]
  3. [quote name='Captain Flinders' timestamp='1295790022' post='2593847'] Looks like NoR passed RIA. Hooray and all that. [/quote] Fixed - so did CSN.
  4. [center][img]http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/104/sanctionrace.jpg[/img][/center] [b]January 22, 2011[/b] [color="white"]•[/color] [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/2iik8it.png[/img] [color="white"]•[/color] 1 [668] [color="#ff0000"](-7)[/color] [color="#48d1cc"][b]Mostly Harmless Alliance[/b][/color] : 67.21 --> 66.95 [color="#ff0000"](-0.26)[/color] [color="white"]•[/color] [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/125m9dw.png[/img] [color="white"]•[/color] 2 [537] [color="green"](+3)[/color] [color="red"][b]New Pacific Order[/b][/color] : 64.74 --> 64.74 [color="green"](+0.00)[/color] [color="w
  5. I was going to bed, but I decided to do it. Posting in a bit.
  6. Got caught up with other things, updating it now.
  7. [quote name='KingEd' timestamp='1295722750' post='2592180'] [center][img]http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/104/sanctionrace.jpg[/img][/center] [b]January 21, 2011[/b] [color="white"]•[/color] [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/2iik8it.png[/img] [color="white"]•[/color] 1 [675] [color="green"](+3)[/color] [color="#48d1cc"][b]Mostly Harmless Alliance[/b][/color] : 66.99 --> 67.21 [color="green"](+0.22)[/color] [color="white"]•[/color] [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/125m9dw.png[/img] [color="white"]•[/color] 2 [534] [color="green"](+1)[/color] [color="red"][b]New Pacific Order[/b][/color] : 64.45
  8. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1295732784' post='2592369'] Thanks for covering Ed. I'll try and do warstats tonight (will be a two-day update) & ASR. No guarantees. [/quote] No prob Gopher, anytime. Just let me/us know when you wont be around. I'll gladly do it this weekend and now I know all the guidelines to it! [quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1295736772' post='2592483'] Depending on how long this goes on, I predict much re-ordering in the future. It's at time like these that I appreciate the folks who update this even more. [/quote] Yea it's definitely a
  9. [quote name='dulceice' timestamp='1295734380' post='2592427'] KingEd, in the future if you have trouble [tier barriers, whatever other problem you might come across], I'd strongly recommend looking at the link at the bottom of every sanction race entitled 'How to Update the Amazing Sanction Race.' It really helps me :3 [/quote] Lmao! Totally missed that one! Will do sir!
  10. [quote name='justinb904' timestamp='1295728814' post='2592279'] Fixed the tire barriers and noted the CSN pass [/quote] Thanks!
  11. [center][img]http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/104/sanctionrace.jpg[/img][/center] [b]January 21, 2011[/b] [color="white"]•[/color] [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/2iik8it.png[/img] [color="white"]•[/color] 1 [675] [color="green"](+3)[/color] [color="#48d1cc"][b]Mostly Harmless Alliance[/b][/color] : 66.99 --> 67.21 [color="green"](+0.22)[/color] [color="white"]•[/color] [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/125m9dw.png[/img] [color="white"]•[/color] 2 [534] [color="green"](+1)[/color] [color="red"][b]New Pacific Order[/b][/color] : 64.45 --> 64.74 [color="green"](+0.29)[/color] [color="white"]
  12. I'll be taking a shot at updating the Sanction Race today. Should be up in a few.
  13. [b]I hereby demand the MSR! [i]The Micro's Sanction Race![/i][/b]
  14. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1288654718' post='2499356'] [center][img]http://i355.photobucket.com/albums/r471/SeipherCaim/GNT-1.png[/img][/center][center][size="6"]========[/size][/center][center][size="6"]Quarter finals, day two of three[/size][/center][center][size="6"]Last four alliances will be elminated[/size][/center][center][size="6"]========[/size][/center][left][color="#000000"][size="5"]Rank[/size][/color][size="5"] [color="#000000"]Alliance[/color] [color="#000000"]Starting Nukes[/color] [color="#000000"]Current Nukes[/color] [color="#000000"]Chang
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