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  1. I'm running Tytanis Mod, Quality World Map- with roads, Realistic Water Textures, Skyrim HD- 2k Textures, and SkUI. I built a computer specifically for this game, and it is quite epic. Can't wait for the rest of the needed mods to come out, something like OoO or Francesca's Mod from Oblivion
  2. [quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1323844418' post='2877523'] I don't think that's for you to decide. Look, I'm all for taking shots at GOD, and I'm not VE's biggest fan either. But this is beyond ridiculous. Anyone claiming to know the inner workings of the GOD-VE relationship despite what either party is saying here is either an idiot or just stretching for something. Personally, I don't care, I don't have a horse in this race. But at least be intelligent. Hate GOD or VE for something legitimate... not for not coming to the defense of the other after they had both decided to their res
  3. good luck AODB!!! All those years of peace have been for this moment.
  4. [quote name='Princess Doomee' timestamp='1323183861' post='2865705'] We must give TPF credit for consistency here if nothing else. Once again they waited until the odds were totally stacked in their favor before risking the pixels. Kudos. [/quote] Are you being sarcastic, or did you not witness the last set of wars they've been through and on which side they were on. Lets see, KARMA with defending NPO-- nope that doesn't fit with your statement, the TPF war in early 2010-- nope that does not fit with your statement, the TOP-C&G war-- (TOP side) nope that doesn't fit with your s
  5. Good luck TPF, let the fires burn bright again
  6. Just purchased this rig today: Building it specifically for Skyrim Coolmaster Full Tower HAF932 Case 128GB SSD Crucial Asrock z68 motherboard Nvida GTX 560 TI 1GB Intel i7 quad core 2600K 650W corsair Power supply 8GB DDR3 GSKILL RAM 1 TB WD caviar black HD Extra CPU Fan
  7. If Dilber had been more active in the events leading up to the Karma war, do you think things would have gone a different direction, and if so in what way?
  8. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1311384892' post='2761652'] Dropping a protectorate that you said you'd take on as a condition for having an MDoAP ally merge into you and proceeding to raid them is not being the bad guys. It's being dicks. [/quote] Thats what happens when you combine all those alliance who were like that before into one group. Expect this and things like this to happen for a long time
  9. congrats to Band, AODB, and NsO. AODB are solid guys and are great allies and friends of Avalon.
  10. My support goes to NsO in this issue. SOS has shown absolutely zero relevant evidence of their accusations. Good luck NsO
  11. [quote name='Sardonic' timestamp='1307805349' post='2729202'] This is not what my analysis has yielded, not is it terribly desirable. As to the question in the OP: It entirely depends on the CB, who is acting on the CB, what peripheral allies are involved, etc. At present time I see only one potential "clean" war with all fighting on the same side. [/quote] is that the same one we just had, but again?
  12. I really want to see OBR and WTF in some war action eventually. They would add some major twists
  13. [quote name='Vol Navy' timestamp='1307772790' post='2729067'] I voted 90-100 and yes. When every semi-major war the past 2+ years has saw them rolling in lockstep, I can't see any reason to see it differently. MHA and Sparta have never been ones to lead anything. Look at the hoops Umbrella had Sparta jumping through last war. MHA only wakes up to help out in extreme curbstomp situations. CnG is down so low that it can't afford to lose any ties to PB/DH that it currently has, so I doubt it steps away from this cluster, and SF is in nearly the same shape these days. When you look at it, it'
  14. [quote name='Banksy' timestamp='1307668308' post='2728288'] God, the TC's passive aggressive replies are hilarious. If you have an issue with people replying, I suggest you don't make a topic. [/quote] everyone is passive aggressive/purely agressive now on a much greater extent that 3 years ago. Grudges have been induced further and further, and will continue to build as long as this game is around. Its something were all going to have to get used to.
  15. We believed that VE was continuing for the 21 days with us until the end of the entire limited war, so it was not an attempt to try and get free nukes in without retaliation. The only reason we had not been fully engaging all our nations is because of the failure of the DH side to counter ANY of our wars for almost the entire war. They allowed our top 15 nations to go in and out of peace mode restocking nukes etc. Why bring out nations without enough military wonders and cash to win battles over the course of 3-4 months. Hence several of our naitons did not engage in the war at all, simply d
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