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Joint TFD/NATO/NADC Announcement


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We have here a message in a bottle for a special somebody...



There is your tl;dr. ^

Now, for those of you who can't read it, here is what it says:

27 Jan 2010; 5:55 PM

To: Umbrella

Subject: Head for the hills!

Dearest Umbrella,

We understand you have deep feelings for your lovely Daniel, and that you believe NV has damaged his credibility.

Let me tell you something: We don't buy it. These types of ridiculous falsifications just to go to war are not acceptable, and we will not stand for it.

Thus, The Foreign Division, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the North Atlantic Defense Coalition recognize a state of war with Umbrella, in accordance with TFD's MDoAP with NV, and NATO's and NADC's MDoAPs with TFD.

See ya soon,

The Anti-Daniel Radcliffe Coalition

Signed for The Foreign Division

LetsHunt, Speaker

LittleRena, Senator

Cadieness, Senator

Onified, Senator

ZeroSoldier, Senator

President James Smit, Minister of Security

GearHead, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for North Atlantic Treaty Organization

AtheistRepublican, High Councillor Potentia

Pollexter, High Councillor Augmentum

Iskander, High Councillor Externus

HAKIM, Minister of Defense

Signed for North Atlantic Defense Coalition

Da Supe, Secretary General

Mikean, Internal Affairs Minister

Lord Damien, Foreign Affairs Minister

Legend, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister

Michael Martin, Military Operations Commander

Paulstartrek, Deputy Military Operations Commander

Bosox_Nation, Finance Minister

Haart, Deputy Finance Minister

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