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  1. Yes, I do. Amazingly enough, the issue was already solved in the backchannels prior to this blog post, which you would have known if you talked to Kait.
  2. This really was unnecessary. Please stop and talk to Kait before doing something like this again.
  3. Fairly inaccurate statement Penkala. Every action we've ever taken has always been in full cognizance of the long term consequences, with the support of everyone else. But since you were never in high SF gov, I wouldn't expect you to know better.
  4. Big Z

    Hey Sardonic

    Our analysis of organic humor suggests an 87.3% chance that you expect us to respond with, "You are only human."
  5. Heh, this was fun to pull off.
  6. Seriously? After everything we did for you guys? This is what we get for our loyalty? Disgusting.
  7. [quote name='Van Hoo III' date='14 June 2010 - 03:34 PM' timestamp='1276547666' post='2337493'] RoK had the first C&G treaty (with Vanguard and then MK) ... clearly, [b]we[/b] are moving from SF to C&G first. DundunDUN. [/quote] Luckily we have this treaty now so we can help provide C&G with gerbils for your daily needs, Hoo, if that ever comes to pass
  8. Heh, amusing. Best of luck AT, even if I did wish you weren't "retiring".
  9. Glad to see the truth finally come out! o/ RIA o/ PC
  10. That Xavii guy is [b]so[/b] terrible and Umbrella is worse off for having him in their alliance! Evil metal scum!
  11. Did Tums get drunk and steal all the ballots voting for me again? Congrats to the winners!
  12. Congratulations to both Polar and RoK on this great treaty
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