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  1. Poor Mishie, the next sucker to take that terrible job. o/
  2. I'm sure somewhere, wherever they may be, a yellow flowball and snorlax suddenly feel the urge to frown.
  3. :wub: Ego and R&R Nothing else that really needs to be said.
  4. War does make strange bedfellows, especially when you consider that the last time this was incredibly close to happening, Crymson was the one to prevent it, which would have been even more awkward.
  5. Hai! Now we all need now is a post from Liz and Ego and it'll be like a reunion! From a mythical place where there's no flashing queries and no obligation to join a dozen private channels every day.
  6. Whoa, another rare sighting! Looks like quite a few people are coming out of the woodwork now...
  7. Personally, I blame everything on Delta. See what happens when you disappear for a long period of time without notice?!
  8. Well, you better get back to work. Picking up your old position as shadow ruler will take some effort!
  9. Hi there! How was that vacation Mr. Cupcake?
  10. [quote name='han fei zi' timestamp='1354536839' post='3059965'] Where is BigZ? [/quote] Hi! Congrats to AngelRick! It took a while but our indoctrination finally took hold. Silly Rick, did you really think you could control us?
  11. First the psychic cupcake overlord and now a robotic overlord. What's next?!
  12. No matter what happens, still much love to Corn, WC, Cards, Sooner, Sol, and everyone else that might still be around. Wherever they may be, a toast to those not with us today that helped shape our relationship and made it what it once was: Egore, Smooth, Kyber, Salt, Peeko, RB, Typo, Argin, Arm_Red. Never forget...
  13. [quote name='Spanky22' timestamp='1344309548' post='3019390'] Snip [/quote] Congrats on peace! Long time no see as well there, Spanky.
  14. [quote name='Dark Temptation' timestamp='1340857302' post='2999029'] Taut and Joe did tell you from the beginning. The fact that some of RoK's more substantial allies chose to ignore the notification, or simply seemed not to care removes any fault from Ragnarok. That's why it was so @#%^ed up for the rest of SF (Xiph) to go behind RoK's back and organize hits on the 'other' side of that war. [/quote] Completely bull. We were given the green light by Taut and Rampage. Do you know how we found out that RoK was defending Polar? Rumors that RoK was sitting in Polar's coalition channel and I was asked by Impero in query if there was any truth to that fact. Only when I asked Taut about that in the SF channel and in query did he mention that RoK was defending Polar, a complete flip from his previous stance and a complete surprise to everyone else.
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