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  1. No, Jack, it's a street fight! You bring your friends I bring mine and we talk about hypotheticals.
  2. People used to tell me: 'The AUT, you'll never amount to anything. You'll always have your head in the clouds.' ... But just look at me now!
  3. You guys act like war is some sort of street fight, I find it hilarious.
  4. You really do love bad games don't you?
  5. I used to be in Zenith before I left to form Carthage. I've made so many friends there and still maintained my friendships. I'm going to love having DK, Ska, mike and many others (that I forgot to mention) in TFD. tl;dr My best friend and my ex-best friend and? Rubber bath toys!? (That's a Spongebob quote) Anyways AUT + Kzopp + in same alliance = bff's Yea boi!
  6. Ah man busy all day got back from work than had to mow the lawn for the apartment (landlord asked if I could do it this time) and I can't wait to play some more. Napoleon Total War is: The. Greatest. Game. Ever. I've had so much fun playing it and going online playing others. The strategy the movements is just amazing. I finished up my Italian campaign which was easy with the exception of when I pushed into Venice. Those guys were tough to take down. The Austrians also put up a fight at Klagenfurt. Anyways I'm about to start my Egypt campaign and will do a little write up on it. SoM, add me as a friend I'm anr70 look forward to seeing you online some time
  7. If I wanted an overloaded bloated map with unit cards and nothing more than stale gameplay, I'll get HoI. Until then it's Total War all day- everyday. Btw I got the game. It took an hour and a half to load both disks and another 3 hours to load the "Updating Napoleon Total War" thingy. Ugh.. I hope it's worth it. I need to find Prince of Macedon and repay him a favor on the internet.
  8. It's just a really different type of gameplay, I just feel a bit cheated with it though. Anyways, anyone watching the Cavs just pack it in? Lebron is so out of Cleveland he has 2 u-hauls out of the stadium right after the game.
  9. Another thing the pharmacists have a headache dealing with is insurance coverage especially with the elderly. There's this whole thing of the doughnut hole which is a phenomenon that for whatever reason, some don't get coverage due to certain circumstances. Also I don't think you know what my job really entails. Thinking I work for fed-ex or something, lol.
  10. What's nice about concussions and oddly shaped balls? Also pharmaceutical engineer, I make the drugs not dispense them. Also, pharmacists are miserable people since their job is increasingly repetitive. Btw I hope someone has N:TW to rescue my blog.
  11. TW >>>>>>>> PI Soccer is not lame, it's the only thing that keeps me alive this summer. And pharmaceutical engineer.
  12. Well no.. I plan on buying it to pass time but I'll get more active later as well. It's not going to take up all my time.
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