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  1. I have long thought of starting a standup comedy routine based purely off the stupid crap people do on the roads.
  2. Anyone nominated in this thread gets an automatic second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh (see Jack's post) from me.
  3. Coursca

    Hey there, R&R.

    I am reminded now why I have largely stopped participating in the OWF.
  4. Chart was entertaining. Hopefully, though, diplomatic solutions are available for AA's with >14 members that are particularly mature/well-managed/handle things maturely but for some odd reason are unprotected (a rare situation, yes, but everyone starts somewhere). Also, very nice LJ, very nice.
  5. It came down to Van Hoo's and CSM's posts for me...and I have to say that CSM wins the threa--ehmmm...comments. Hoo's a close second, though..
  6. You're all wrong. I'm the Emperor and Penguin is really a remote-controlled robot Penguin who does my bidding. Also, I gave this version of Penguin the ability to fly. It makes him happy.
  7. Brilliant political decision, Gremlins. Yeah, I went there.
  8. This was by design. It was meant to be not so subtle.
  9. Oh no, I was housed by the great Choader. What ever shall I do. Oh, wait, I know...I will go bury my head in the sand. Oh...and they're bandwagoners. If they did what they did two years ago, I doubt the action would have been tolerated. If you really need this spelled out, I can procure a visual representation for you.
  10. So my undeRstanding of it is that a certain somebody suddenly decided he wanted to be Harry Truman and demand Japa--errr--IRON's unconditional surrender. You can probably imagine how this certain somebody is likely incapable of adMitting how foolish and unnecessary this is to the entire peace process. It is exactly this kind of ridiculous conduct that was deemed unacceptable by a large portion of this community nearly a year ago. I do not blame Complaints and Grievances for this hold-up. Indeed, I applaud any effort they are making to rectify the issues. I also encourage my former comrades in IRON and TOP to show patience in this matter. I think we know this is a matter of one man's foolishness rather than a systemic issue.
  11. But...they were bandwagoners...what...*headdesk*
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