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TPF Capitulation


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So we decided Nordreich and kingzog are not such bad folks. Infact we share much in common regarding wanting to move forward to the future instead of entrenching in the old ways and feelings of the past. To that end I'd like to sincerely thank NoR for undertaking this agreement with our protectorate.

Change is not a victory march, it is not triumph of rhetoric. It is awkward private channels and constant questions if one is doing the right thing. Real change is never easy and we thank Kingzog for allowing this most awkward of dances to start between our two alliances.

Nordreich - Sasori Initiative Friendship Pact



The leadership of Nordreich and The Sasori Initiative hereby voluntarily enter into this Friendship Pact on behalf of their respective alliances.


Neither alliance shall engage in any kind of hostile action against the other. Hostile actions include, but are not limited to, military attacks, all forms of espionage (in-game or otherwise), IRC impersonation and the provision of aid to enemies of the other signatory.

In the event that a violation of this provision should occur, the parties agree to work toward resolving the matter through private diplomatic channels.


Both parties agree that if they are made aware of information that directly affects the security of the other signatory, they shall share said information in order to promote their common security.


In the interests of mutual economic development, the signatories agree to give each other "preferred status" with regard to tech deals. NoR and TSI's Economics Ministers shall meet at the first available opportunity to work out details of any such arrangement, but this shall not prevent individual members from engaging in ad hoc tech sales with members of the other signatory.

Both parties agree to consider all monetary and other aid requests from the other signatory.


Nordreich recognizes that primary responsibility for the defense of The Sasori Initiative rests with The Phoenix Federation, TSI's protector.

However, Nordreich unilaterally declares that any unprovoked military attack against The Sasori Initiative shall be viewed as an attack upon the Reich itself.


This Friendship Pact shall remain in effect until further notice. Either party may cancel this agreement, for any reason. Notice of cancellation shall be delivered in person, Upon cancellation, its provisions relating to Peace, Intelligence and Defense shall remain in effect for a period of seventy-two (72) hours.

The Sasori Initiative agrees to inform Nordreich should The Phoenix Federation wish to resume exclusive protection of TSI. Should this occur, the seventy-two (72) hour cancellation clause shall be activated.

Signed for Nordreich,


Kaiser of Nordreich

Das Triumvirat

John C Calhoun

Oberherr Xenu


Reviewed and Approved by the Althing - July 9, 2009

Signed for The Sasori Initiative:

Shurukian, Empress

Kaiser Kevin, Councilor

Lord Cyvole, Councilor

Dogs of War, Councilor


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From the Desk of


Random observations on the NoR-TSI Treaty


I am pleased to be a signatory to this treaty between The Sasori Initiative and Nordreich. Furthermore, I would like to extend my personal thanks to mhawk of The Phoenix Federation for granting permission to TSI to sign this treaty with us.


The origins of this agreement are as follows:

The Sasori Initiative includes a number of old friends of Nordreich's. Concerned over their continued security, TSI approached us and asked for a protectorate. Given our longstanding personal friendship and the obvious problems associated with having TPF as a protector while the Karma war rages, it was natural that they should come to us for help.


It is worth noting here that there has been a marked change in attitude with regard to The Phoenix Federation among Nordreich's members. It would be foolish to think that we have somehow forgotten how The Phoenix Federation, under Slayer99, took a leading role in the murder of the Norden Verein. We have not forgotten. We shall never forget.

However, we have been compelled to admit the remarkable honor and loyalty The Phoenix Federation has displayed with regard to their continued defense of an ally who almost certainly would not have done the same for them.


As I said above, it was natural that The Sasori Initiative should come to Nordreich for a protectorate.

What was perhaps a bit unusual was my response.

I refused.

Instead, I put forward an offer of a one-way defense agreement, recognizing TPF's continued role as primary protector of TSI and ultimate arbiter of their foreign affairs.

Now why would I propose such a thing?

First, while it is arguably far easier to get good leverage from a position of superiority, there is simply no honor to be had in kicking someone while they are down. Had Nordreich simply 'poached' The Sasori Initiative away from The Phoenix Federation, we would have shown ourselves to be no better than the old so-called 'Hegemony' or those who prattle about "change" while actually doing nothing to bring it about.

Second, the purpose of a protectorate is to protect an alliance's sovereignty. This should be obvious to everyone. Had we told TSI that there would be no treaty unless they completely abandoned their old friends in TPF, we would have been spitting in the face of that most basic of principles.

This is not poaching. If TSI informs us that TPF is willing to resume its role as sole protector of TSI, we shall withdraw from this agreement. If at some point TPF is denied the right to protect TSI, then we shall continue to protect TSI.

I should say, though, that I am hopeful that the time will come when TSI does not require the protection of any alliance, and is able to make its own way in the world.

One way or another, TPF need not worry about their friends in TSI. They are in good hands.


There are those who will try to spin this one way or another in order to cast Nordreich in the worst possible light. I have made it abundantly clear elsewhere what I think of most of those who make this their aim. Given their own histories I will continue to ignore them.

These are the people who will never be convinced. These are the people who, in many cases, are the most vocal and violent critics of the former 'Hegemony'. And these are the people who, in many cases, have blood on their hands. Let them prove that they have changed before pointing a finger at us.

There was a time when I bought into the "Rhetoric of Change" that floated about at the beginning of the Karma War. Had I not, I would not have supported the Reformation of Nordreich in the first place.

That stated desire for genuine change -- a desire expressed by so many -- is what inspired me to approach three of Nordreich's long-standing adversaries before our Reformation. (Incidentally, The Phoenix Federation was not among those I approached.) Hoping to bury the past I extended my hand in friendship. It was slapped away, in particular by those who, along with TPF, had taken part in the slaughter of the Verein.

Having risen from the ashes of that destroyed community, we sought friendship with some of those who had destroyed it. But apparently their appetite for revenge was not sated by the senseless, brutal death of one alliance. Revenge would be eternal.

This was the end product of the "Rhetoric of Change"; empty wartime sloganeering masking the same old cycle of brutality, destruction and revenge.

It was clear that, if real change were to come, it must be done by those willing to extend a genuine hand of friendship to their former enemies in the latter's hour of greatest need.

And then an oportunity to do just that presented itself.

We saw a former enemy, The Phoenix Federation, unable to fulfill its obligation to protect the sovereignty of a small alliance. We have stepped in to ease that burden.

To repeat:

The Sasori Initiative remains a protectorate of The Phoenix Federation. That has not changed. This document affirms TPF's primacy with regard to defending TSI and in matters relating to TSI's foreign policy. It grants TSI the added security of having Nordreich ready and willing to defend their sovereignty, regardless of what should happen to their protector.

We have discussed this with our allies, and they support us in this endeavor.


I cannot think of an occasion in the history of the Cyberverse when an alliance whose predecessor was destroyed later sought out said destroyers to help them when they needed it most.

This is not PR. This is not an empty slogan.

This is honor.

This is Nordreich.

You want change? There it is.


Kaiser of Nordreich


tl;dr - "Dear TPF. We'll watch the kid while you're off at war."

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It's been a pleasure working with NoR and TPF on this, and I'm very happy that this treaty could be signed. It's wonderful to be able to put all our pasts behind us and start anew. As a former leader of TGE, I'm glad to finally begin a relationship with NoR that isn't marred by a bad past. So here's the beginning to an awesome friendship. I'm pleased that I can be part of a moment such as this. I know that NoR will make great allies, and wonderful long time friends. We feel that it's a monumental step in history in showing that bonds that have been broken in the past can be reformed with work and patience.

Edit:: Kingzog said it all.


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Congrats to all.

This was quite the project. With the right level heads involved, just about anything can be achieved.

TPF: No worries here.... Take care of winding up old business.

TSI: I would say welcome, but we've been close in many conversations dancing around this issue (on both sides of the fence) for some time. Glad to see a multi-win outcome.

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Congratulations TSI, your future looks secure under the watchful gaze of both TPF and Nordreich. This is certainly something that should be considered honourable on Nordreichs part by all bar those who might be looking to roll TSI while TPF are still involved in the war against Karma.

Nordreich ready and willing to defend their sovereignty, regardless of what should happen to their protector.

This looks ominous :( Come back soon TPF

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Well, that's certainly a larger amount of honor than I have come to expect from NoR.

Er... good luck.

Kingzog's done a splendid job of "putting up" with what he feels the standard level of class in this world should be. I hope this example is made standard in the future, rather than those proliferated by Karma.

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Wow. That is easily the classiest protectorate agreement I have read in my entire time on this planet. Well done on all sides.

I was surprised to see TPF and Nordreich working together in this. Definitely shows some folks are willing to set aside old grudges, as well as make real steps towards a better future. I am *very* impressed.

Congratulations also to TSI. You guys are great, and I'm happy to see that you will be well-protected.

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