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  1. What site did you get the royalty free music from?
  2. We have no desire to take it that route. They could offer honorable terms and the war would be over tonight, that choice however is not for us to make. The more they make terms like 95% or more in warmode for 30 days or deal off makes peace less likely.
  3. This analysis is rather naive in the assumption the initial dh alliances constituted the total threat to alliances that are fighting against the DH aggressors. As is apparent by the entry of TOP, VE, FOK, ODN, Athens, LOST, and NoR, there were many alliances that supported this unprovoked attack. The political calculation that DH would not have engaged in so brazen a crime without support of a broad coalition of thugs was accurate from the outset. To those posting above, the main cost to DH will not come from supporting lower tier nations. Those costs are negligible compared to the political
  4. 3a. This period of 30 days will begin when less than 5% of the order are in peace mode, and no one above 80K NS is in peace mode. This term makes everything pretty much unacceptable. Over 95% of a 500 man alliance must be in warmode before the clock starts, and they can't re enter or deal is off? You guys are pathetic on nearly every level.
  5. Not a deflection, I don't feel like rehashing several years of history you could easily look up on the wiki. You'd do well to research before spouting such confident statements as the op and subsequent replies.
  6. As someone who has rode that train, I think it is best experienced.
  7. You're focusing too much on near term and monetary costs. There is a harder to calculate strategic loss when carrying out extended wars for no reason.
  8. Fighting in the open during an ambush isn't very productive all that often.
  9. It is interesting that Umbrella makes up almost 50% of DH's total ns.
  10. Oh you're gonna make me nerd war this..
  11. Thanks. My estimate of 50% MK ns in pm was pretty close to your figure of 48%. Take that guy that said 18% and other person who called my estimate ridiculous. I still think the % NS in peacemode argument is flawed. Mostly in the fact that as time goes on, those in pm will make up a larger % of total NS on the losing side. An alliance could attack with 97% of its NS and 6-8 weeks of war later have 90% of their total NS in PM, without a single nation changing to pm besides the few that sat at the start.
  12. My word choice when it comes to YOU is all I need to rethink. What YOU do and have done is disgusting and shameful. GOONS attacked an alliance and got counter attacked for that direct action. Demanding several billion in addition to 4 weeks of war with no peacemode fits my definition of extortion.
  13. I think you've clouded my very frank strategic assessment with some fancy albeit irrelevant terminology. Fact is the longer a side upholds a war, unless for incredibly compelling reasons (something akin to the /b/ attacks ect) the more at risk they put themselves overall. At some point the damage you do your enemy will begin to be surpassed by the damage your extortion/demands will do to your pr/strategic position. Over the course of a long enough road of such actions, you will find yourself at the bottom end of a "preemption for security".
  14. The reason your war is distasteful is that you are seeking such massive damage to an alliance that had no choice in the war. You guys are aggressors. You state NPO has suffered massive damage and fought, but that isn't good enough. You jumped them and knocked off 50% their NS... Not good enough for you. You guys want their last remaining NS and turn them into a crater for the flimsiest of reasons. The cited reasons you entered against NPO are over - Polar peaced out, and the unprecedented scale of reps that took a year to pay for Karma. Your alliance is a pack of criminals and in due time when
  15. I don't believe avalon declared on Goons specifically. You'd have to check their dow.
  16. We're lucky to have you guys with us. Also mia is still on my pzi list for many atrocities
  17. [quote name='Bob Janova' timestamp='1297560972' post='2630766'] Uh, ZI-listing someone for posting the wrong thing on these boards is really not good. I hope there is more to that story than it currently appears. Regarding the 'stalemate' talk: no, it is not a stalemate, because your upper-mid and upper tiers will stagnate in long term peace mode whereas ours will continue to grow, import tech and send aid. Sure, some of that aid finds its way over in lost GAs, but some of your money finds its way to our side in the same manner. Once nations on both sides are close to bill lock, well manage
  18. [quote name='TypoNinja' timestamp='1297555816' post='2630698'] Not really, lots of people took advantage of the power structure to pursue goals they wouldn't have been able to contemplate, that's why any power structure forms in the first place. So lay the blame for any individuals actions solely at their feet when they couldn't do such without the backing of others is over simplification at best. [/quote] To completely disregard the individuals and alliances that did such crimes and blame/punish those that merely existed and in some way formed a "power structure" is completely incorrect. Y
  19. [quote name='Bordiga' timestamp='1297522819' post='2630319'] The Global Order of Darkness forced 200 nations from the game during the LoFN conflict in a war supported by the NPO, who would have also assisted except they were busy installing a viceroy over GATO. So yeah I'm not seeing how either side is any better. [/quote] You're grasping at straws here. Wouldn't it be a bit more logical to place the blame for that directly on GOD and Xiphosis, rather than qualifying the remark with "NPO supported".
  20. [quote name='Antoine Roquentin' timestamp='1297465418' post='2629725'] Yes, it was a concession. [/quote] Who exactly made you the right hand of vengence? Mind if we see your resume and credentials. What power appointed you judge and executioner? One day you just decided you'd come in and try to exploit others troubles or grudges to satiate your alliance's boredom?
  21. [quote name='Hyperion321' timestamp='1297405468' post='2629040'] FEAR and ODN TOOL and Sparta [/quote] I just want to throw out how can anyone hold a grudge on TOOL?
  22. Okay seriously guys, how about y'all peace out from these dow's and just go hit Polar. We all might as well get this business sorted out this time around
  23. [quote name='Antoine Roquentin' timestamp='1297379600' post='2628419'] The thread wasn't a great idea, but kwell said it was just him talking. [/quote] I've yet to see anything from you that would suggest his little tantrum was any different than the actual policy. Feel free to correct anything he messed up.
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