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Blunity Announcement


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We should have announced this a little earlier, but we're kinda lazy and we don't even have a flag. Plus this way we save more internet trees by not making multiple announcements in a short time period.

I'm glad to say we have 3 new official members. In no particular order, I am proud to welcome;

1-Touch Football

United Blue Directorate

Aurora Borealis

1TF and AB hold a special place in my heart as MADP and MDoAP partners respectively, and I look forward to getting to know UBD a little more and working together for a long time to come.

True Blue o/

Signed for Blunity;

Ascended Republic of Elite States

Global Democratic Alliance


Greenland Republic

Imperial Assault Alliance

The Liquor Cabinet

New Polar Order

Nueva Vida

Union of Integrated National Entities

Signed for 1-Touch Football;

Mayzie, Chairman of 1TF

Signed for United Blue Directorate;

Lyons, Director

GrimCity, Director

Russell07, Director

Signed for Aurora Borealis;

Dan123123- Blade of Tyshalle

Nitroburn- Kosall

The Evilest Eye- The River Goddess

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is that flag official? :P

Congrats to the new signatories

no. i was just gonna paint a big blue box but someone suggesting something more colorful. you might figure out who lol

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o/ Blunity congrats to new members


we could of always used that . I have a feeling mayz might ruin it. And we got out first Agora member here too in UBD.

You're a !@#$@#$ idiot. Wasted. Damn it.

Oh, and welcome to our new blue friends :awesome:

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