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  1. Congrats on the new govt! Looking forward to work with you all!
  2. Congrats to both! Welcome to CN Forbidden Honor
  3. Very good to see your growth and maturity! o/ OT o/ Polaris
  4. Sad to see this treaty break up, I hope your friendship remains intact for a long time. And always remember... You don't need a treaty to do what's right! On the other hand congrats! No thread is really complete without the "Crymson cheap shot at Polaris"! Woooho!!
  5. Good to see this! Best of lucks going forward my friends! o/ Emperor HRH King Raymond II
  6. Why don't we just vote democracy out of the game?
  7. Good to see you back Chimaera! o/ PHD o/ Chimaera
  8. Much love for TKTB! You guys deserve everything good!
  9. He is tech dealing to support the war your alliance declared on him... get over it and fight or surrender.
  10. Awsome to see my Tigers getting peace! You guys truly rock, we couldn't ask for better honestly! o/ STA!
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