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  1. I agree with the OP to some extent (not all), but this is hilarious! Day 1 - my nation is being attacked by three others... I haven't done anything wrong and have already lost money and tech and land... Their war declarations are strange "PM for peace"... what does this mean? I don't know, I have to hit back though, I won't go down without a fight! Day 2 - So i've read something on the forums. It seems I'm being tech raided. If I ask for peace they give it to me... but they've already stolen so much tech... Day 3 - They're not accepting the peace offers... one replied saying I need to go to another forums make a plea because i fought back... this game is weird... i get attacked now I have to plea for mercy? Day 4 - I found said forums, its humiliating... I won't do it... Day 5 - enough, this game is stupid, i'm out! Now, I'm perfectly aware that this is but one of the possible outcomes of a tech raid, but saying you're not imposing nothing on the tech raid victim? Seriously?
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