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  1. Very good work. Thank you for this enlightening chart.
  2. This makes me sad. You were always a good friend and class act. I will miss you.
  3. Too bad, but good luck with everything! PS. He'll be back, don't worry.
  4. [i][quote]Sie waren längst gestorben, Und wußten es selber kaum.[/i] (It was long ago they had died, But they scarcely knew it, it seems.)[/quote] Elfriede said it best. For a quite some time, this day has seemed inevitable to many people on Bob. Expected or not, however, I cannot by any means say that I'm happy about this. As is the case with many in this thread, TGE will always have a place in my heart. Some of the finest people around have made TGE their home, and I am proud to have been associated with such a grand alliance. I wish everyone the best of success in finding new homes
  5. [quote name='Lord Cyvole' timestamp='1290916522' post='2525098'] People have been posting treaty cancellations and not stating the reasons for them since I started reading the forums, greenacres. I don't really think !@#$%*ing out Valdemar regarding the issue is really going to change the status quo. [/quote] I adore you, my little cabbage. Ever since the day I met you, you have always been and you continue to be an little cabbage. Je t'adore toujours.
  6. [quote name='greenacres' timestamp='1290911584' post='2525026'] The point is don't make announcement of no substance, when no one else needs to know. You cancelled a treaty, good for you, keep it between yourself and the other party unless you're willing to say anything beyond "we cancelled a treaty." I'm going to find that child for you now. [/quote] Here's the thing. The OWF is where alliances make announcements. Although ours is no doubt far too minor for a personage of your stature to notice, we do thank you for condescending to grace our humble thread. That being said, there are
  7. [quote name='greenacres' timestamp='1290909912' post='2525008'] Your education and comprehension abilities are none of my concern. If your announcement is nothing more than "we've got an announcement, but we're not going to tell you why" then just keep it private next time, that's all. If you're not willing to tell people why you're doing something, then either they're not important enough to know, or your announcement isn't worth a damn, so either way it should be kept private. If you need that spelled out any simpler, I can try to find a small child somewhere around my nation's capital t
  8. [quote name='greenacres' timestamp='1290907188' post='2524964'] Is there a point beyond simply making the announcement for announcement's sake, if you're not going to actually state the reason for the announcement? If you're not willing to make it publicly known as to why you're doing something, then keep it private. Don't make the announcement.[/quote] Is there a point beyond simply wanting to post on OWF for posting in this thread for posting's sake if you're not going to say anything that makes the least sense? If you're not willing to say something sensible, then don't post.
  9. Note to all TIO posting in this thread: Talk to Scorp, he might be able to explain things to you. If not him, ask Jewel - she knows the whole story, and is, after all, your ODoAP partner.
  10. I think that people misunderstand that although this treaty was technically an ODP, it meant a great deal more than that (at least to Colossus) and was an ODP for reasons that you would know if you were supposed to know them.
  11. [center][img]http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss90/Titanium_Crusher/Colossusflag-3.png[/img][/center] It is my sad duty to announce, on behalf of the Triumvirate of Colossus, the cancellation of the Optional Defense Pact between Colossus and The Killer Turtle Brigade. The reasoning behind this difficult decision has been explained in private channels. Pursuant to paragraph 6 of said treaty, it will remain in full force and effect for 72 hours.
  12. [quote name='Mayzie' timestamp='1290356103' post='2519086'] I was told there was money in it if I posted here. Congratulations on the milestone. [/quote] Sorry, Mayz, your payment will not be in cash, but in kind. (Or kine, whichever you prefer.)
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